Friday, December 31, 2010

Dibs and Dabs on News Year's Eve

We're back! Hello friends! Behold the Mighty Frootbat! Laser eyes turned up to maximum power, standing guard over the cereal boxes!
No one better try to get these Honey Nut Cheerios. 

We had so much rain during our week off from blogging. See our rain gauge? It has rained nearly everyday here on the Central Coast. In just one night we had two and a half inches of rain. Mudslides, trees falling, power lines down. Very exciting. (but good for our garden!)

Our Moms got to spend a lot of time with our Grandma during our break. Grandma is 91 years old. Three months ago we decided she needed to stop living alone down in Riverside, CA and come live closer to us. We are sure happy that she is near by now, and we think Grandma is pretty happy about it too. 

Grandma Jeanette and our Non-blog Mom. Can you tell they are Mother and daughter?

Our Moms had coffee at this place and they had a poster of ME there. How awesome is that?
Yep, that's me! A totally cool cat.

We had a great week off, except for on Wednesday. Our blog Mom fell down and busted her elbow. She slipped on the sidewalk and landed on her left elbow. She had to go to the Urgent Care and they took x-rays. The elbow isn't broken, but she has a bone bruise that is very painful. Doctor Busby was administering purrs directing into Mom's elbow Wednesday night. 

Come on elbow, feel better! We want to blog!

It was nice to take a short holiday but we are happy to be back to blogging. We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We're looking forward to catching up with all of you.

xoxo, Raymond and Busby

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas friends! It's been quite a year at our house and we thank you visiting our blog and also for sharing your lives with us through your blogs. We really enjoy the blogosphere. 

We're going to take a few days off from blogging. Our Moms want to spend time with our Grandma and they need to recharge their (froot)batteries. We'll be back soon, and again, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 

xoxo, Raymond and Busby

Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Sixth Gotcha Day!

Hello friends! Today is our 6th Gotcha Day! Most of you know, our Mom Nell was rescued by Pacific Siamese Rescue in Castro Valley, CA. Nell had supposedly been an indoor cat, but she was pregnant when she was rescued. Nell gave birth to three kitten boys on October 13, 2004. Raymond, Busby and Leo. Very soon after that, Nell and her boys came to live in Capitola with our foster Mom Stephanie. Our forever Moms met us when we were just ten days old. This short film documents our kitten-hood in the days leading up to our gotcha day, Christmas Eve 2004. Our Mom Nell and our brother Leo both went to wonderful forever homes also. We hope you enjoy our movie. Merry Christmas friends!
xoxo, Raymond and Busby

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Questions on Thursday

Hi friends! I'm really unclear on this whole "naughty or nice" thing that's being talked about so much lately. I guess it has something to do with Sandy Claws? All I know is that when Mom was winding this wool yarn made from real sheeps, I got VERY excited about it!

Claws and crazy eyes! 

Smells like sheep! Get in my belly!

I hope the rest of you are succeeding at NOT being naughty. Just WHEN is the cut off? Does Sandy Claws keep watching right up until the last minute when he comes down our chimney with care? So many questions...

xoxo, Raymond 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Hello friends! We've had about ten minutes of sunshine at our house since last Friday when the rain storms started rolling into California. You can see by the way I am covering my toes with my tail that this sunny spot is NOT full power. 

If we don't get some sunshine soon it's gonna get all "Bah Humbug" up in here.  

xoxo, Busby

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two on Tuesday

Hey Mom, we're freezing here! How about making a fire in the fireplace or turning on the furnace or something?!

We realize 50 degrees and rain may seem warm to some of you this time of year, but we are California kitties and this feels cold to us. 

Did you know today is the Winter Solstice? After today the days start getting longer again! Yippee!

Brrr! Stay warm and have a good Tuesday friends. 
xoxo, Raymond and Busby

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mancats on Monday

Hello friends! Here we are. Two MANCATS on Monday. Lovingly giving each other a little spit shine.  

Yep, just two SUPER GOOD boys. So well behaved!
Such perfect mancats. Wonder if Santa is watching?

Um, seriously, we have NO idea how the reindeer ended up in the Tiki's mouth. No idea. *Hee hee*

Happy Monday friends! Try to stay out of mischef!

xoxo, Raymond and Busby

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Easy Sunday

Hello friends! We're having a very easy Sunday at our house. Can you tell by my sound asleep face?

We hope you are having a peaceful easy Sunday as well.

xoxo, Raymond

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Photo Hunt: Male

Hello friends! Today's  theme is MALE. We think this is a very macho mancatly MALE photo of me. I'm one month old in this shot and I have yet to have my Hoo-Ha-ectomy, so I am EXTREMELY MALE! I look like a snotty-nosed tough guy, don't I? 

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday!  xoxo, Raymond

Friday, December 17, 2010

Frootbat Friday

Hello friends! What do you think? Are my ears frootbatty enough for frootbat Friday?

Have a most excellent Friday friends! We are HOPEFULLY putting our Christmas tree up this weekend. 

xoxo, Busby

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Stroll in Santa Cruz County

Hello friends! I wanted to tell you that I saw my Vet late last week and the results of my tests revealed that my pee pee's pH is on the high side. That may explain why I am using a location that is NOT the cat box once in awhile. So my Moms have started me on Carpon, which is a cranberry based supplement that should help bring my pH down. 

*whew!* Now let's move on to the great outdoors. Today we are going to stroll in the county we live in, Santa Cruz county. We only have ONE photo from our own garden this week, but we have a few other shots that you may enjoy!

Check out this beautiful Ginko tree! It grows on a street not too far from our house. Mom took this shot on Monday. Since then we have had some wind and rain and now the golden leaves have all fallen off the tree. Mom was glad she got this photo when she did. 

Saturday when my Moms went to the farmers market, a vendor was selling hanging baskets of Poinsettias! Aren't they incredible? We've never seen them in hanging baskets before. 
This past Wednesday Mom had to go to her dentist up in Boulder Creek, CA. Boulder Creek is about 25 miles from our house, up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Check out these beautiful Redwood trees just outside the dentist's office. 

Last but not least, here is a photo from our own garden. The English Bells are doing well, although the snails are eating the blossoms almost as soon as they bloom. We are in for a big storm system here starting Friday, so we think the snails may be washed out soon. 

Thanks for strolling around Santa Cruz County with me today! Don't forget to visit the other feline gardeners. Our friend Jonesie will have a list of links to other Society members on her blog today, just below her post. 

Have a great day everyone! xoxo, Raymond

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Your Tuesday Tonkinese

Oh hai Mom! What? No I'm not up to anything. Just sitting here on the counter minding my own business. 

You say you think I look suspicious? I am sure I don't know what you are talking about!

Okay okay! I admit it! I was just about ready to jump on top of the fridge and knock down the cereal boxes. 
Jeez! I sure hope that Santa Paws comes soon so I can stop trying so hard to be good!

Hope all of you are being good today friends! It's not easy!

xo, Busby

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mancat Monday

Real Mancats...

Eat their greens!

Nom nom nom!

Have a delicious Monday friends!
xoxo, Raymond

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Synchronized Sleeping on Sunday

Hello friends! We're practicing our synchronized sleeping today. What better day than an easy Sunday to do your snoozing?

We plan to work on our technique all day, it's going to be exhausting!

Have a wonderful Sunday friends. xoxo, Raymond and Busby

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Photo Hunt: Funny

Hello friends! Today's  theme is FUNNY. Yesterday when Mom was trying to get a nice shot of me, I stuck my tongue out at her. I thought it was pretty FUNNY!

I can't wait to see all the other funny photo hunters today! Leave us a thumbnail link to your post so we can come check you out. 
Have a great weekend, xoxo, Busby

Friday, December 10, 2010

Professor Frootbat : What the heck is a Gravatar?

Hello friends! Professor Frootbat here. I was looking at my friends blogs the other day and posting comments. I got to thinking, why is it on some blogs my comment photo is NOT a photo of Busby and I? 

Um, Mom, you cut my frootbats off in this photo. Duhr. 

Sometimes it looks like this:
This looks like a snowman with frootbats and whiskers.

And sometimes it looks like this:

A T-Rex behind a Christmas tree?

I puzzled and puzzled and then I Googled. I discovered that there is something called a Gravatar. A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. That means it's a thumbnail photo of you that works for Word Press and other blogging platforms. 

If you go to this website, you can get your own Gravatar. It's free, it's safe, and it's easy to use. You will be able to upload your photo and then the next time you post a comment on one of the non-Blogger-based blogs, your photo will display with your comment. 

That is Professor Frootbat's lesson for today! 
Have a happy Friday!
xoxo, Raymond

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday on the Porch

Hello friends! Well, our weather went from sunny and mid 60's to rainy and mid 50's overnight! So here we are sharing some brotherly love (and body heat!) on our chair. The blanket was our fort but then it collapsed and before Mom could put it back up, we fell asleep. 

We did, however, stay awake long enough to instruct Mom to take a photo of this awesome sunset from our front porch. We seem to have our most beautiful sunsets in November. 

Have a pawsome Thursday friends! xoxo, Raymond and Busby

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your Tuesday Tonkinese

Hello Friends! Mr December here! Guess what? 
We had some sunny-sun today! It felt SO good on my furs. 

Ah! You really have to work to soak up this Winter-time sun because it doesn't last very long. The days are so short!

Did you wonder why I called myself "Mr December"? Well, it's because I am on the December page of the 2011 Cat Blogosphere Calendar! You can order the calendar by clicking HERE ! All the proceeds benefit our friends in need, through the Cat Blogosphere. 

The Zoolatry girls did a wonderful job putting the calendar together!

Have a terrific Tuesday friends! We hope you have some sunny-sun at your house today too. xoxo, Busby aka Mr December

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hi friends! Do you think I look a bit wistful today? Well, it's because ALL weekend it poured rain here. NO sunny spots to be found anywhere, and believe me, I looked!

*Sigh* Oh well, on the bright side, Santa Claws will be coming down our chimney soon. I've been EXTRA good lately. (Ray, however, may find a lump of coal in his stocking. Hee hee!)

Have a good Monday friends, and be on your best behavior. Santa is watching!  xoxo, Busby

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Movie

Hello friends! Raymond and I both LOVE to eat peas. We get them everyday in our food and sometimes we get them as treats. Here is a short but action packed video of me catching a pea in mid-air! It has a fun soundtrack too, so turn up your speakers and enjoy! 
xoxo, Busby

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Photo Hunt: Hard to Find

Hello friends! Today's  theme is "hard to find".  
I thought I was hard to find in this hole in our cat tree. 

Um, maybe I'm not so hard to find after all.

Are you playing Photo Hunt today? Leave us your thumbnail below so that your post won't be hard to find! 

xoxo, Raymond

Friday, December 3, 2010

Frootbat Friday

Oh the things that a Mighty Frootbat must endure in the name of getting a good Christmas photo!

Happy Friday friends! I hope your day is HAT FREE!

xoxo, Raymond

Thursday Stroll in Capitola, CA

Hello friends! Before we begin our stroll, we wanted to give you our Christmas cards! This first one is for all of you who use Blogger. Please copy it and put it on your sidebar with our best wishes for a happy holiday!

This second card is for all of our friends who use WordPress! We'd be so happy to exchange cards with you here online. (we think Milo and Alfie are brilliant to mention it!) It's greener (no paper) and less expensive (no postage), so it's a good way to spread the Christmas cheer!

Now let's take a stroll in our hometown of Capitola, CA. This is our neighbor's frog. He is always dressed for the holidays. He was wearing a Pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving when we took our stroll. 

The trees are changing color and dropping their leaves. We definitely have four distinct seasons here on the central coast of California. We love it. 

It has been VERY cold here and as you can see, this ivy had quite a bit of FROST on it. Brrrrrr!

Here is Monterey Bay. It was a very clear morning and you can see across the bay to Pacific Grove, Carmel and Big Sur. 

Our town has a bandstand by the beach. On Wednesday nights during the tourist season there are free concerts. Tourist season lasts from May until September. (we are glad when it's over!)

This is Capitola beach looking towards the wharf. In the old days trees that were cut down in the Santa Cruz mountains were brought to this wharf to be shipped to San Francisco to build homes. 

This is the view across the bay. You can see the mountains that lie between Monterey and Big Sur. This is the Santa Lucia Mountain range. 

Here are some Ginko leaves that have turned bright yellow. So pretty!

On the way back home, we have to stop at Gayle's Bakery, which is a local landmark. They had this beautiful cake on display. We want to wish all of our Jewish friends a very Happy Chanukah! 

We hope you enjoyed this stroll in our little town! Have a terrific Thursday friends. xoxo, Raymond and Busby