Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hi friends! We wanted to post today in honor of a dear friend to many, and a real superstar of the blogosphere Mango. We are sure you all ready heard the sad news, that our friend Mango crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. 

Mango was a big dog with an even bigger heart. What we loved about the Mango Man was his sense of humor. He just cracked us up. He was a gentle giant and he hosted the very popular Mango Minster contest for many years. (we were SO honored when he asked us to be judges one year!) 

Mango was a friend to every creature who blogged and then some. We are going to miss that guy so much. 

To Mango's family, we thank you so much for sharing the Mango Man with us via the blogosphere. You gave him such a distinct voice, we all felt like we really knew him. How lucky Mango was to be so well loved for his whole life. We are honored to have known him. 

Mango's Momma posted a lot of Youtube videos over the years, and we wanted to share this video of the Baby Mango, who was relentlessly huge even as a puppy. 

We love you Mango, thanks for everything.  xoxo, Raymond and Busby