Friday, July 29, 2011

Frootbat Friday

Hello friends! Happy Frootbat Friday! 
Raymond isn't the only cat with major Frootbats around here!

Have a great weekend friends! xoxo, Busby

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hello friends! It's Thursday and that means it's time for a lovely stroll in our garden. Today we are going to see what flowers we have blooming. Ready? Let's stroll!

Mom, there's dust on my face. Can you Photoshop it so I  don't look so raggedy?

Here's our first Sunflower of the season! It's called a "Junior" because it only grows 1-2 feet in height. This one is about a foot tall. It looks taller because of the way Mom took the photo. It's blooming in the window box on our front porch. 
Not nearly as tall as Sunflowerzilla but very pretty!

The "Blue Ensign" Morning Glories are going crazy in our back yard flower bed. They are a mounding variety, so they don't climb all over the place. They are getting a bit bossy though, and Mom is going to thin them out a little so they don't overwhelm the Zinnias. 
You can sure see why they call them "Blue Ensign"! They are REALLY blue!

Here's our first Zinnia of the season. We love Zinnias because they can be brought inside and put in vases. They last a long time in the house. (or until one of us knocks the vase over...)
We love a nice Zinnia!

Here's a volunteer from last year, Blue Borage. Last year we had NO idea what this plant was, but our blog friends told us after they saw a photo. It re-seeded and came back all on it's own this season. We like it because it attracts bees. 
Borage is the bee's knees. 

Thanks for strolling with us today, friends. Don't forget to check out the other Gardening Felines! You just follow the links at the bottom of our friend Jonesie's blog post today. Have a pawsome Thursday friends! xoxo, Raymond

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your Tuesday Tonkinese


What's that sound?
The camera?

MOM! I'd like to go back to sleeping please!

But now that I'm awake, how about a treat? 

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope YOU have a peaceful day!
xoxo, Busby

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mancat(s) Monday

Hello friends! Happy Monday. We've begun our work week here as you can see. 

Hey, synchronized snoozing is hard work! Fitting into the same sunny spot isn't easy either. MOL!

Have a pawsome Monday friends! xoxo, Raymond and Busby

Friday, July 22, 2011

Frootbat Friday

Hi friends! It's me, the MIGHTY Frootbat. Hanging around in my triangle lair. Waiting for unsuspecting morsels to fall off the kitchen counter onto the floor. (Hey, I can dream can't I?)

*Here morsel morsel morsel...*

Hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo, Raymond

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hi friends! Well things have settled down and returned to normal here, now that our Moms are back home and back to work. Our garden grew during the week they were gone, so come on and take a look!

The first thing our Moms noticed when they came home last Saturday was that our Hydrangea had fully bloomed. This is our first Hydrangea and we really love it. It's in a small container, we think Mom will transplant it into a larger container in hopes of it becoming a bigger plant with more blossoms next season. 

Our Hibiscus is also doing great this year. Mom has been feeding it with Liquid Kelp (she has gone completely organic this year, no more "Miracle Grow") and it has just taken off. 

The "Blue Ensign" Morning Glories are doing great too. We have Cosmos and Zinnias that are just about ready to bloom, so we hope to show those to you next week. 

We wanted to show you this cool planter that our Grandmother in Indiana has. Do you see that it's a big bird? Grandmother likes some whimsey in her garden. 

Here's one of our Grandmother's FIVE Hydrangea bushes! Now you can see why our Mom wants to transplant our Hydrangea into a bigger container. She aspires to have one as beautiful as this. 

Here is our blogMom with her Mom. Our Grandmother is 86 years old, can you believe it? She is the reason why our Mom loves to garden so much. We love you Grandmother!

Thanks for strolling with us today friends! We hope all of you (including our Grandmother in Indiana) are staying cool in the  heat wave we are having throughout much of the US. Don't forget to water your garden!

xoxo, Raymond

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toes (and Teeth) on Tuesday

Okay, the boycott (catcott?) is over! Since our Moms returned from their trip to Indiana, Raymond and I have been catching up on our sleep. Sometimes 20 hours of sleep just isn't enough!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!

xoxo, Busby

Monday, July 18, 2011

MADcat Monday

Hello friends! NO, this isn't a photo of US. This is some weird cat whose photo we found on Mom's iPhone camera! Obviously last week in Indiana our Moms were doing a LOT of flouncing around with other creatures. We've captioned the photos ourselves, as we can only imagine what these Mom-snuggle stealing beasties are saying!

Hi, I am some cat who lives with a friend of your Moms. I had snuggles with your Moms while you guys sat alone in the house all week long. Mwah ha ha ha ha!

We're cute piggies who were snoozing at the County Fair when your Moms came along cooing and talking baby talk to us. They mentioned that they would LOVE to bring us home with them. SNORT!

BARK! I'm a cracker dog named Nola who lives with your  Mom's Nephew & his wife. I got all kinds of good love from your Moms and they even threw a frisbee for me and by the way they talked about how much they would like to have a DOG!
I'm a little bunny who your Mom's saw at the County Fair. I won a blue ribbon. Have either of YOU ever won a blue ribbon? Hee hee hee. 

BARK! I'm Muggsie and I live with your human Auntie. I licked your Moms ankles and got LOT'S of petting from them while you waited for the cat sitter to show up and feed you. Ha ha ha!

Yes. There you have it friends. Our Moms cheated on us while they were on vacation last week. We are refusing to allow our photos to be on the blog today as a form of protest! 

XOXO, Raymond and Busby
ps-we're not really mad. We're just holding out for more cuddles from our Moms!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Frootbat Friday

Hi friends! Do our frootbats look testy? Well that's because here we are, watching our stinky Moms flouncing off on a vacation while WE stay home. NOT FAIR! We'd like to "Wander Indiana". (as the travel brochures say.) We'd like to visit our Grandmother in Indiana and learn to quilt. 

We have to admit, we don't think we would enjoy air travel very much...

Please visit us on our facebook page while our Moms are traveling. We'll let them post photos from their adventures and we will give you updates on our staycation. 

See you back here on July 18th! xoxo, Raymond and Busby

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hi friends! Yes, we are showing our blogMom the backs of disrespect. She spaced out that Tuesday was our 600th blog post. Way to go Mom. She also announced that she and our NonblogMom are going to be taking a trip and we will not be blogging July 9-17. We hope you don't forget us out there in the blogosphere. Okay, now that we have that off our furry chests, are you ready to stroll in our garden?

We had some warm weather, so we had a few flowers start blooming. This is our Hydrangea. We love the color!

Our Blue Ensign Morning Glory is blooming too. This is a bush-type Morning Glory, so it doesn't need anything to climb on. We think the blue is very pretty. 

Here you can see that our flowers are finally starting to grow bigger. The Cosmos have really taken off in the past week. FINALLY! We had a very cold and wet Spring like so many other parts of the Country. 

This is a Sunflower called Junior. It's just the opposite of last year's Sunflowerzilla! It is only supposed to grow to one or two feet tall. You can see it has a nice bud and will probably bloom while are our Moms are out of town. (ha ha ha! Serves them right for leaving us!)

We want to let you know that we have a page on Facebook. It's HERE. Mom says we can post on Facebook while she is traveling so we can keep in touch with our friends. We hope you will come and "like" us on Facebook.

Thanks for strolling in our garden today friends! 
xoxo, Raymond and Busby

Monday, July 4, 2011

Toes on Tuesday

Hello friends! Don't you love a nice foot rub? 

A little to the left Mom...

We hope everyone had a good weekend. We had a lot of sunshine here in Capitola-by-the-Sea and also a lot of lap time with our Moms. Purrrfect!

xoxo, Raymond

Fourth of July!

Hi friends, and happy 4th of July! The 4th of July is a fine holiday , but we purrsonally cannot stand the loud fireworks. 

This is our front porch, all decorated for the holiday. 

The stupid fireworks have been going off here for the past three days. We have to get our naps in when we can because mostly we sit under the bed with BIG eyeballs when the *BOOMS* start. 

Yep, as much as Busby likes to roll around on a nice pair of shoes, as soon as we hear that first *BOOM* we are outta here!

We hope these people run out of fireworks soon!

Happy 235th birthday America! xoxo, Raymond and Busby

Friday, July 1, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hello friends! It's Frootbat Friday but instead of Frootbats we are doing our garden stroll today because we didn't do it yesterday on account it was International Box day. *Whew!* Did you follow all that? 

In fact, we aren't even strolling in our own garden today. Today we are going to stroll in Renee's garden. Yep! There really is a Renee behind Renee's Garden Seeds and she really DOES have a garden! 

This is our friend, Patches. Patches lives at Renee's house and he was VERY interested in seeing if anyone had a treat for him before they stroll in his garden. He got very up close and personal with the camera. 

Check out these gorgeous Dahlias. 

These are some of our favorites, California Poppies. That's our state flower here. Do you know your state's official flower? We personally think it should be catnip. 

There were (of course) very nice vegetables in the garden. These are called "Blush Batavian" lettuce. (and you can buy the seeds at Mom got to bring home a few of these and reported that they made very yummy salads.

How about these poppies? Mom loved the color of these. 

We do have ONE photo this week from our own garden: it's our very FIRST carrot! This is called a "Baby Babette" carrot. Can you believe it grew from a teeny tiny seed? Gardening is amazing!

Whoa! Patches! Take it easy. It's just a photo of a carrot! We don't have any treats dude! Next time we will bring you an apple or something. We promise!

Have a great weekend friends! We will see you on Monday. We hope everyone has fun and plays safe on this holiday weekend. xoxo, Raymond (and Patches)