Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hello, Busby here. Do I look like Hello Kitty? A few years ago, a cat we know named Rocky Ann came up with the idea of sending a Hello Kitty costume all around the world so cats could have their photos taken in it. I had my photo taken in the Hello Kitty costume.

Raymond was more interested in mauling and drooling all over Hello Kitty.Ray is just not a big Hello Kitty fan! (or he loves her too much, I am not sure which.) Happy Halloween everyone!

And remember, the goblins will getcha if you don't watch out!


  1. Yikes! You actually look rather scary in the Hello Kitty! Enjoy the trick 0r treaters!

  2. happee halloween brudderz ...
    nice hello kitty hed. i gess it never made it to da grate state uv noo york.
    jus sayin.

  3. Thanks God! Or we would have to destroy it.

  4. We think we'd rather put the bitey on Hello Kitty!

  5. We hope you have a Happy Halloween!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. Hee hee hee! Jeter, when the Hello Kitty head was going around Catster, we didn't know you yet. Besides, for some reason I just cannot picture you putting this thing on your head. Just sayin'.

    RayPod, we knew YOU would love today's bloggie. Trick or treat!

  7. Hello Kitty...
    Bye Bye Kitty!
    Now have fun hob-nobbin-with-goblins!

  8. Loved the photos.

    Happy Caturday and Happy Halloween.....stay safe, furiends.


  9. You make a cool Hello Kitty. I never realized HK had such a gigantical head though!

    Happy Halloween to you!

  10. How much did she pay you for that?
    Lucky, Bugsy and Hope

  11. Happy Halloween! I hope you get lots of treats tonight!

  12. You certainly make fofr a cute Hello Kitty.
    Hope you are having a fun filled Halloweed time!

  13. Good thing dat "head" neffur camed here...shhh, don't tell no one but our dad loves hello kitty and prolly woulda made us wear it!

  14. Busby, you look about as thrilled as Caroline did in the rooster hat.

    Hope you post pictures of your Dia de los Muertos celebrations!

  15. You look adorable in the Hello Kitty costume. Happy Halloween!

  16. Dat's a nice Hello Kitty costume but we am not sure yoo look too happy bout it. Schmaybe we should make some Hello Hyooman costumes instead! Bwhahahahhah! Now dat would be a nice trick huh?

  17. Happy Halloween, Raymond and Busby!

    Glogirly loves the Hello Kitty costume. I on the other hand have other thoughts.

    There was terror in my townhouse today. Not a Halloween I'd care to repeat. Ever. I hope you made it through yours.

    (Glogirly cat who just may be scarred for life)


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