Thursday, November 19, 2009

Honest Scrap

Hello everyone! Our new friends Katie and Glogirly gave us the Honest Scrap award earlier this week. When you get this award, you are supposed to list ten interesting (or mildly interesting) things about yourself. Are you ready? Here goes! (try to stay awake!) Our Mom is a bit obsessed about the weather and loves to take photos of weather events.
Our Mom's paternal Grandmother and Great Aunt were in Vaudeville. They were known as the Wilton Sisters. They were sometimes called the Hoosier Queens of Vaudeville. They played on the big time Keith Circuit. They played the Palace Theater in NYC and toured Europe. They also appeared in a Broadway play called "The Little Whopper".

Our Moms rescued this guy back in September. They named him "Orangey" (very original) They had him neutered (ouch) and wormed and treated for fleas. Luckily for us, he was adopted by a friend and now lives happily (and indoors) in San Jose, CA. He has a new name, it's Lewey.

Our Mom is very interested in genealogy and has traced her family tree on both sides. This is a photo of our Mom's Great Grandmother (in the middle), Grandmother (on the right) and Great Aunt.

Our Mom LOVES to play golf.
This past August she won the Santa Cruz City Amateur Tournament.

This is our REAL Mom, Nell. She was rescued by Pacific Siamese Rescue who discovered she was pregnant. She gave birth to us (and our brother Leo) when she was in foster care. Our Mom and Leo also live in California in forever homes! (and none of us are Siamese!)

We used to have an older brother and sister. Toot Suite and Alex. Toot lived to be 22 years old and Alex lived to be 23. My Mom adopted them when they were little kittens in Indiana. They moved to California with her in 1988. Alex went to the bridge in 2008, and Toot in 2006.

When Mom isn't golfing she likes to take photographs. Here on the Central Coast of California, we have our best sunsets in November.
So this time of year, Mom is usually taking photos of the sunset.

We live about 30 minutes away from the Monterey Bay Aquarium
and that is one of Moms favorite places to visit. She loves the jelly fish.

Although Mom's roots are in Indiana, she loves living here in Capitola and so do we!

Now we would like to present the Honest Scrap award to seven of our pals and hopefully they will list ten much more interesting things about themselves in their bloggies!
Thanks Katie and Glogirly!


  1. We loved getting to know y'all better and thank you for passing the award on to us. We received it a while back from Boo Bah and from the Paw Relations. We will add your name to the award also. We are so very thankful you thought of us. There is a post back a ways on our blog telling "stuffs" about us.

    We're so very thankful for your friendship.....xxxxxx

  2. Thank you for nominating me for the award! I will have to get my Mom to help me think up 10 things just about me, and I will do a blog post later in the week.

  3. Hey Raymond and Busby!

    What a COOL post! I love all the interesting tidbits and photos. ...see, don't the photos make it more fun!

    Your mom and Glogirly have a few things in common!

    Glogirly became a genealogy expert recently when she used to find her birth family. And her favorite place in the whole world (other than next to me) is the central coast of CA. Even though we are here in MN, she and Gloman have been to the aquarium to see the jellyfish about 10 times!

    From Monterey down the coast to Big Sur... she says it's like magic.

    Thanks for sharing so many great things!
    Katie & Glogirly

  4. That was fun learning more things about you two and your mom! That's pretty impressive that she won the golf tournament! Thanks for sharing all those fun facts!!

  5. I can't believe cats can live to be 23!!! You lucky cat-lovers, you :)

  6. Thanks fur da stuff about yoo and yoor mom. Our mom's mom had a cat that lived to be 23 too, he was der da whole time mom was growing up and beyond and she sez she knows he was waiting fur gramma when she went to Heaven.

  7. Cool stuff!
    Does your mom know the storyline for the play "The Little Whopper"?
    Your mom Nell is very pretty. She looks blue, like me. Is she a blue point? (Doesn't she look kinda like Mouse?)

    Nice photos!


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