Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Little Stressed on Sunday

Hi, Busby here. We heard from our Vet yesterday. My pee sample had some crystals in it. Not really sure what is causing the crystals. Raymond and I eat a raw diet that our Mom makes for us each week. The recipe is from the book "Natural Health" by Dr Richard Pitcairn.
My Moms think that they need to add some Vitamin C to our food. It's optional in the recipe, and they are kicking themselves for not adding it all this time. Vitamin C would help keep the crystals from forming because it would keep my pee more acidic.

If any of you cats have any advice for us, please leave us a comment. We don't want to stop eating our raw food. It has made Raymond's itchy skin go away, and except for the crystals, we are both very healthy cats. Mom went out yesterday and found Vitamin C that is in capsules and will be easy to mix into our food.

Thanks friends. Have a peaceful Sunday. xoxo, Busby


  1. We read somewhere that Vitamin B-6 is also good for preventing crystals. We hope you have success with the adjustments to the raw food diet!

  2. Oh I hope that helps!

  3. It depends on the type of crystals whether Vitamin C will help. We understand that an infection can result in crystals, and once the infection is cleared up properly, the crystals may go away. My Mom copied this off a website for you:

    struvite crystals are the most common urinary crystal seen in cats. Many factors contribute to the formation of struvite crystals, including:
    pH of the urine -- lower acid levels encourage struvite formation
    Amount of magnesium and phosphorus excreted in urine
    Length of time urine stays in the bladder
    Concentration of urine
    The second most common type of urinary crystal is oxalate -- calcium oxalate. These crystals form in more acidic urine -- the type of urine caused by a diet low in magnesium. In the 1980s, oxalate crystals were responsible for less than five percent of cases; by the late 1990s, oxalate crystals were to blame for forty percent of urinary crystal issues in cats.
    Some of the factors that encourage the formation of oxalate crystals are things that prevent the formation of struvite crystals!
    pH of the urine -- higher acid levels encourage oxalate formation
    Some breeds have a genetic disposition to forming oxalate crystals.

    So it would help for the vet to test the crystals to find out what type they are. Good luck!

  4. Poor kitty. That hurts! I don't know what you could give to cats, mommy uses cranberry juice. Hope you feel better.

  5. Looks like Simba gave you some good advice to check out...we hope you're feeling better Busby and those crystals go away...

  6. We don't have any advice, but we're hoping you find the answer and are better soon.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. We don't know anything that would be of any help, but we're sure hoping that the Vit C will be the answer, or someone will have an answer for you......we are purring, purring, purring. xxxxxxxx

  8. We have heard that some cats get a cranberry powder added to their dry food .. to help. I saw one at Dr. Foster & Smith .. Haven't tried it though so don't know if that's the one. (

  9. Thanks for visiting our new blog--we like making new friends, especially boys who are so handsome!...Sorry to hear you are feeling bad, Busby--hope you are better soon...Sending you both purrs and kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Busby, I'm sorry you have crystals. I know from experience that they are very hurty! I'm surprised that you got crystals while eating a raw food diet. I was eating Wysong (dry food only) at the time I got my crystals.

  11. Cecilia said to tell you she feels your pain. She is eating a special diet for urinary problems. Mom doesn't like it but it's the best mom can do for now. We are very interested in hearing how this all works out and if the vitamin C helps.

  12. Daisy, we are surprised about the crystals too! We have eaten raw food for about six months now. Before that we ate Evo canned food. All we can think is that my pee is too alkaline. So now my Mom is adding Vit C to my raw food.

    Thanks to everyone for the purrs and advice. Simba, we appreciate your webpage advice. I am feeling much better today, acting more normal.

  13. Hi Busby,
    I'm so sorry about your bad pee. Neither Glogirly or I am much of an expert on this. But we can offer our purrs and healing thoughts. I'm sure there are some other smart kitties out there who can give you some good advise. Take it easy, enjoy a few naps and know that your Minnesota friends are thinking about you. (in-between football and 24 that is!)

    (Glogirly's cat)

  14. We heard from our Vet today! (on a Sunday, is she awesome or what?) My crystals are the more common Struvite kind. She recommended a cranberry extract pill (Like JC mentioned today) that is made by a Vet named Dr Belfield. We went to his website and ordered some. He has some interesting info there.
    Thanks again everyone! I will keep you posted on my progress. Dr Good wants to test my pee pee again in a couple weeks.

  15. Plz to get ur vitamin Cee! I want u to be okay soon. :) Hugs.

  16. Maybe that's all is needed--the vitamin C mixed with your food--as long as you can't TASTE it! :) We're sending all our purrs your way--especially as we dry our tears of the Cowboys loss.... :(


  17. I don't have any answers, but I do hope you find a solution soon.

  18. I'm sorry you're not feeling good, sweet boy. I hope the new pill will make everything better!

  19. Sorry, we don't know much about raw food diets for cats, but we're glad your Dr. diagnosed the problem right away and hope you'll be feeling like your old self soon.


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