Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Garden Report with Busby

Hello friends and garden lovers and garden loving friends! Pardon my back, but I am snoopervising the garden. Are you ready for this week's tour? Let's go! Here's a little hanging basket of petunias and alyssum on our front porch. My Mom refuses to spend big money on those hanging baskets that are all ready put together. She planted this stuff herself. Sometimes the baskets do well, and other times, not so much!

Here we are in the backyard. The good news is that the gopher seems to have moved on to someone else's yard. He ate a few cosmos and some of the smaller sunflowers.

The Zinnias bloomed, as predicted! We have had a couple nice sunny days in a row, which has helped the garden grow. We were stuck under a BIG fog bank here for several days. That's what happens when you live by the ocean.

Here's a close up of one of the Zinnias. They're pretty! We planted them from seed, so we had no idea what colors we would get.

We have some nice Marigolds too. Our garden isn't very organized, we have all different colors together. The bright blue flowers are called Lobelia.

If you look VERY close, you will see a tiny ladybug on one of SUNFLOWERZILLA's leaves. This must be a baby ladybug because it has NO spots. Our Grandmother used to tell our Mom that you could tell how old a ladybug is by counting it's spots.

We're pleased to report that Sunflowerzilla is still growing! The gopher did NOT eat it! It continues to get taller and taller.

If you look carefully you can see that sunflowerzilla is starting to bud! We can hardly wait until it blooms! (the bike in the background belongs to our neighbor. He stores a lot of stuff behind his shed.)

That's it from the garden this week. We hope you enjoyed our report. Don't forget to visit all the other feline gardeners who are blogging today! xoxo, Busby


  1. What a fabulous garden tour! Everything is doing so well and we love a profusion of colour. Very cheerful and joyful!

    And we're looking forward to seeing the sunflower bloom. :-)

  2. My mummy wants you to know - your back looks SO soft and SO inviting... she wants to give you scritchies!

  3. You have lots of pretty flowers in your garden!

  4. Your garden is looking fabulous! We're glad that evil gopher moved on to another garden

  5. That is a great garden tour .. thank you !!!

  6. Your supervision is clearly paying off. The garden looks fabulous!

  7. Your garden is gorgeous, you guys have done an excellent job=the blooms are so colorful and cheerful!...kisses beautiful boys, we love you Bus and Andres!!...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. That's a great tour. We hear lobelia does OK in the desert, Daddy may have to try some. He loves blue.

    Sunflowerzilla ia AMAZING! Are you going to have to stake it up? Ours got top heavy last year and needed a lil help!

  9. That is a fabulous garden...can't wait to see the sunflower bloom!

    Can you see the ocean from your home?

  10. That was a great tour, what beautiful flowers you have! I especially like Lobelia what a vibrant blue. Is that pink flower called Lavatera?

  11. OH MY we thought all your flowers were gorgeous! Thank you for such a lovely tour.


  12. Your garden is just getting better and better!!

  13. Say hi to Andres for us!!! Hehe!

    I think it's super cool to plant seeds and to get surprised by what colors show up!

    Purrs, Cory and Jonesie

  14. That was a wonderful garden tour, fanks. We love yoor flowers and ladybug was cute!


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