Friday, September 24, 2010

Frootbat Friday

Hello friends! It is I, THE MIGHTY FROOTBAT! Do I look like I have lost a frootbatty ear?  Don't worry, I still have my ear! It's just folded over while I lay here. I'm concentrating REALLY HARD on the squirrel that is eating all the bird seed out of our bird feeder.

Doesn't that silly squirrel know the difference between a bird feeder and a squirrel feeder? DUH!

Happy Friday friends! Have a terrific weekend.
xoxo, Raymond


  1. Greetings Raymond and Busby,

    Interesting to see that you too have the same problem as we. There are two squirrels that like to visit the cherry tree outside the kitchen door and feed on all the goodies dad has hanging in the tree for the birds. A lot of time they gat away with a lot, but dad tries to keep an eye out and when he thinks they have had enough, he makes his presents known so that the birds can have a chance at the feeders.

    Since my big sister is down at Santa Cruz at the university, dad thought maybe you might be up for a quick drop in some afternoon so he could meet with Raymond and Busby. What do you think?

    Wishing you both the best weekend,
    Miss Kitty

  2. We have lots of squirrels around here, but they never interrupt my Bird TV. Unfortunately.

  3. We love your ears, even the tucked one! Squirrels are evil and just think that everything is for them!'d think they thought they were a superior cat or something!

  4. Raymond ... how do yoo get "all mighty frootbat" ~ we'd like to do it? It sounds FUN!

  5. That's not a frootbat...we'd call it a stupendous squirrel radar dish!

  6. Raymond, we've learned that squirrels aren't very particular and will eat anything. One time mom put some bread out for the birdies and we saw the squirrels take it and actually bury it like it was a nut or something! We think squirrels are nuts!!

    Great frootbat(notice we used the singular since you seem to be missing your other ear)!

  7. Ray
    Your facial expression told me how happy you were to see Mr.Squirrel. I bet you would enjoy 'playing' with him and show him your fierce frootbats!


  8. Squirrels are crazy! We like watching them, too. Great frootbats!!!

  9. I have observed that squirrels are not the sharpest knives in the drawer if you catch my drift. They will eat anybody's foodables without a second thought.

    Oh, wait a minute, I would eat all of PeeWee's food given the chance so maybe the squirrels are on to something after all.


  10. You boys are lucky seeing squirrels, I only see the occasional bird. Raymond, your ears are sooo nice and you're handsome too.....Kassey


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