Monday, October 25, 2010

Mancat Monday-A Seedy Offer

Hello friends! Happy Mancat Monday! Raymond is giving himself a bath, apparently some of our VET's smell is stuck in a few of his furs.
As we begin our second year of blogging, we thought we might make a SEEDY offer to our readers!

Remember SUNFLOWERZILLA? Well, she produced a considerable amount of seeds. We want to share the seeds with our readers, in hopes of seeing her offspring blooming in our friends gardens all over the world!

If you are interested in getting a few of Sunflowerzilla's seeds in the mail, just send us a self-addressed stamped envelope, and we will send off some of her seeds to be planted in the Spring. We can send seeds overseas, we just need to attach a special form to the envelope before we send it. If you are interested and want our address, you can email us, just click the link below the "Meow at Us" on the upper right side of our blog . Mom wishes she could provide free postage, but she is sort of marginally employed currently and isn't sure how many of you will want seeds.

Happy Mancat Monday friends! xoxo, Busby


  1. Busby, you guys are so nice ! but sadly , In Australia, Custom is very strict about botanic seed. Mail gets opened for inspection ie. suspicious looking packets that look like they contain seed. Providing it is declared the worst that can happen is they seize the items.

    So I think, I just have a look from your garden : )
    and thank you for your generous

  2. That is really cool! I would love to have a sunflowerzilla, but my human is so awful at gardening I am afraid she would kill it. I will have to think about whether my human is responsible enough to take care of a sunflowerzilla.

  3. We would love a Sunflowerzilla but Mom has killed way too many plants to try again.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. That is a fun offer. Unfortunately our garden is so shady, I don't think sunflowers would make it here.

  5. No thank you! We had those sunflowers in our garden one year and they scared me! Plus they had stalks like tree trunks which we had to hack down with a hatchet. I will just enjoy yours via digitals, thank you very much.

    Hey! I know all about that weird smell you get at the vet. Yuck.


  6. That's a really cool offer and we can't wait to see the offspring of Sunflowerzilla in different parts of the world! Unfortunately we don't have a garden, though.

  7. Can't wait to see where the flowers sprout up!!

  8. It's a great idea! Our mom is tempted, but she doesn't have any window sills to germinate seeds in early spring, and she knows we boys would kill any seedling planted outside (by lying on it and squashing it flat!). But we'll all look forward to seeing Sunflowerzilla's "offspring" blooming in different parts of the world!

  9. Ray, we hope you get all that vet stink off of you!!

    We'll ask our mom about getting some seeds. But we don't know if we really want a giant sunflowerzilla haunting us from the garden!!

  10. Oh, dear.............our mama loves sunflowers and would love to have one, but we have nowhere to plant it at present........we are hoping to get to move to a nicer apartment complex this winter, so maybe we'll have somewhere next year.

    We hope you got all the v-e-t smell of ya, Ray!!!!!!!!!!


  11. How do you guys think they would do in Vegas? Let me talk to Mr. Crazypants and see if the Cats can have a bit of garden...Son of Zilla!

  12. Oooooo....we'want SunflowerZilla seeds! Mom has your addy and will get an envelope out to ya!

  13. Ray and Busby
    We don't have a sunny enough spot to grow sunflowerzilla, we wish we did cuz we would definitely try if we had the right sunny spot. That was a great idea!


  14. Hahahahaha!!!!! Now that IS a seedy idea :)
    One year, the squirrels planted a seed and we got a super sunflower!!!
    We would love to try one of yours,heehee

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  15. The end of warmer weather here is soon to be over. I would like to have some of your sunflower seeds. Please email me and let me know what your address is so I can send my envelope. It will give me the hope through the cold weather that will soon be here that in the spring I will have sunflower seeds to plant from your place. What a lovely idea and how nice of you to share.

  16. Jonesie is dancing!!! She says YES!!! She will proudly plant a sunflowerzilla or 2 in our yard.

  17. What a great idea! My mom would sure kill anything that grew, though. You know what would be cool? If cats posted pictures of Sunflowerzilla's offspring!

  18. We missed that offer, but saw it on Cory's blog today. How cool is that giant sunflower! We would love to give those seeds a try. Mom has to put her thinking hat on to figure out how she can get stamps that you can use to sent us some seeds from the US. We only have silly German stamps...
    Siena & Chilli


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