Friday, November 26, 2010

Frootbat Friday Garden Stroll

Hello friends! The mighty frootbat here! Since we took yesterday off I thought I would take you out into our garden today. We've made a lot of changes to our garden, come take a look. 

This is the only plant left from our Summer garden. Everything else went to seed and Mom took it out. We are letting this orange flower (we have no idea what it is) go to seed now. 
Mom added some stepping stones to the garden. She didn't have good access to all of her flowers this past Summer and she wanted to remedy that. See our little lemon tree in the top left? We have had frost here the past three nights, so Mom has been covering it with a sheet at night.

We put in some Pansies. These do well here in the Winter time and add some much needed color to the garden.
These are called English Bells. They were so pretty at the garden store Mom couldn't resist.

Our garden quail seems to like them too.
We hope he doesn't eat them!

Thanks for strolling in our garden today friends! We hope you have a terrific Friday. xoxo, Raymond


  1. Your garden is great. We love your Christmas elfcat photos.

  2. I see there is still lots going on in your garden, even when it's starting to get frosty!

  3. Wot a treat to be able to stroll round yoor garden on a Friday! Fanks. the flowers are just beautiful.

    Alfie xx

  4. Your garden still looks wonderful! We love the English Bells!

  5. We're just so jealous you live in a part of the continent that still is *warm* enough for garden blooms. :-)

    Happy Friday, and big smooches to you both.

    BTW, it was so nice to see a pic of both your moms yesterday! Great to put faces to the beans!

  6. The English Bells are pretty. It's so nice that your mom keeps the color going year round. Have a great weekend and stay warm!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  7. It's so nice to see some flowers!! Our garden is done for the year...even all the trees are bare now!

  8. That first photo! Scary!


  9. Our mama loves pansies!!!!!!!!!! She's hoping you will have lotza pictures of them as they grow.

    Love to all of you from all of us.

  10. We just love the garden quail...and the Raymond fangs!!!

  11. Thanks for the garden stroll, very pretty flowers and we hope the lemon tree does well. Raymond, you handsome mancat,a good photo of you and your manly fangs.

  12. Ray, we think your fangs are quite ferocious!
    Our Mommy's Mom always does pansies and petunias in the winter (she lives in Tucson)and they are gorgeous. We bet yours will do well too! Our trees are stating to drop leaves, we had a hard frost last got down to 27! Brrrrrr!

  13. That's a most excellent garden, thanks for the tour. Perhaps I needs to move to California where there's no snow and year-round birdies...hmmm?

  14. The garden looks lovely! Will be a lovely place for you guys to muck about in!


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