Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your Tuesday Tonkinese

Oh hai friends! You caught me doing a little man-scaping. Hey you know, a mancat has to keep himself looking good from every angle!  

Friends, please take some time out from your own man-scaping today to purr for our good friend Mango. He has had two seizures in the past 24 hours. For those of you who may not know, Mango is a relentlessly huge mastiff doggie, so you can imagine how horrible these seizures are for Mango and his family. If you have any experience with pet seizures, his Mom would sure appreciate your insight.

Don't forget there is still time to enter our giveaway. Just leave us a comment on yesterday's post and tell us something you are thankful for. The lucky winner from our American or Canadian visitors could win a $75 gift code from CSN online stores. The winner from all other countries will win a special gift selected by Raymond and I. We will draw the winning names tonight (Tuesday, November 23rd) so you have until 7pm Pacific time to enter. We will announce the winners tomorrow.

Have a lovely Tuesday, and don't let your manscape get out of hand! xo, Busby


  1. I don't have a manscape so I should be okay. But I will go visit Mango right now.

  2. You have no bad angle, Busby!

    We are also concerned about our friend Mango. We hope the vet visit today will yield some good solutions.

    We didn't realise there was an "others" category in the draw, so we're off o leave comment on yesterday's Post (didn't we do that already?!).

  3. Thanks for the good thoughts little cat friends. As for today's photo? It is not a very manly pose methinks. Looks more like somebody just dropped you from the sky.


  4. Looking good, Busby!!

    We didn't know Mango was having problems! We'll go visit him now!

  5. Busby, it is a never-ending job that man-scaping, isn't it? I can't keep track of how many times they've caught me!


  6. Busby, we love your wide-eyed expression. You're doing a fine job of man-scaping!

    We will go and send purrs to Mango!

  7. Busby don't worry too much, you ARE impeccable from every angle!!!

  8. From where we sit, Busby, you are doing a good job with the manscaping :).

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  9. Poor Mango ~ we are sending healing purrs.

  10. Great pic of you, dear Bus!!!!!!!!

    We are purraying for your friend Mango.


  11. I think you're looking mighty fine!!! We went by to visit sweet Mango.

  12. Purring for Mango today...thanks for letting us know about him.

  13. Very good advice, Busby. You never know who might be checking you out, so we Mancats need to look good all the time!

    George & Max (& don't forget me, Gino!)

  14. We will purr for Mango and hope things improve.

    Busby looking good takes work, and you always look good!



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