Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello friends! We're just chillin' on a Caturday with our Nip Banana. We got a new toy box for Christmas, and in the process of moving from the old toy box to the new, we RE-discovered some of our old toys. You can tell we LOVE our old nip banana, because it's got a big old drool stain on it. Mmmmmm.

Hope you are all enjoying a good Caturday. Our friend Doug is visiting us this weekend from San Francisco. Will we let him play with our nip banana? Nope!

xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. MOL..Very kind of you guys to share Nip Banana with big old drool stain : )
    I bet Doug will be very happy with it.


    PS : Impressive Stain : )

  2. Don't let that nip nanna leave your sight!!! The nip nanna we got in our secret paws package has mysteriously vanished. I think Boodie is hiding it from us!

  3. Oh yeah, the nip banana is a hit here too! And it is amazing, it seems it never goes old! Ours got sooo gross though... Luckily our Secret Santa came to the rescue with a new one! Whew, we needed! Our sister Lucky is weird - she doesn't like catnip... Is she even a cat? I wonder.... Hum...

  4. We love our nip narna too. An' we don't share it!

  5. I've got well-placed droolie stains on all of my toys so I don't have to share, hehehe!

    Have a great weekend, R & B!!


  6. Nip nannas are the BEST! And of course it's got drool stains on it ... how else is everyone going to know it's YOURS? :)

  7. Our nip nanner is so well loved, it's green from all of our drool! Happy Caturday, boys!

  8. We have no bananas today!

    Way to not share, boys! Have a great Caturday :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  9. I bet if Doug is from San Fran he would love some of that "MELLOW YELLOW!!" lol

  10. Sharing is over-rated. Hope you are having a really great day with your nip-nana. I think it's unkind to call it a "drool" stain. I think it's just the mark of happiness!

  11. Ooo! Your nip banana sounds amazing! No wonder you don't want to share it with Doug!


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