Monday, January 24, 2011

Mancat Monday

Hi friends! We had a big day yesterday, so we are sleeping it off today. The Chicago Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers. Our Mom was "all bummed out", whatever that means. (is this the 1970's or what?!)

We have TEN entries (as of this posting) in the Kitteh category of the Mango Minster 2011 Dog and Cat Show. We have room for ten more entries before the 30th of January. If you haven't entered yet, please do! And make sure you go to the contest blog and check out the other entries, because there will be a reader's choice competition. You can also see what goes on at Mango's estate during this exciting contest!

Happy Monday! xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. Good luck to everyone who enters the contest!

  2. I am sure the winner will deserve it!

  3. We're sorry your Mom's team didn't do well. We're going to really push our Mom to do an entry.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. Have you merged into a single kitteh? It sure is mighty cold here at the estate. I could use a kitteh or two to help me stay warm.


  5. Your team might have lost but it was a fun day of feetsball! Our humans watched all day.

  6. We're sorry your Mom's team lost! Our Mom doesn't like the cheeseheads either!

  7. Great photo of you two!

    We think it's strange that more kitties have not entered the contest!

    The Chans

    PS: Those Packers! Don't you just )(^$*)) them?!

  8. Sorry your mom's team didn't win this year, Raymond and Busby. :(

    Hope you get some more entries in the category!

  9. urgh. Mommy can't talk about football right now.

    We think you two are so handsome on your leopard chair! And snuggly.

  10. Boys you look so comfy!
    Can we snuggle with you?


  11. Hey boys! I hope you had a fun day -- so farrrr.
    Miles and I are tearing around the house and having a good time.


  12. Yeah, sleep off your sorrows. You need a better QB!

  13. We're sorry your mom is bummed about the feetsball game...but you know how I feel about a team where the fans wear cheese on their heads. I admit I meowed for the Packers.

    Hope you'll still be my furriend.

    xoxo Cory


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