Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

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Hi friends! Welcome to the Thursday garden stroll! We have had unseasonably warm weather here on the coast of California for about two weeks. It has made for an interesting week in our Winter garden. (and it has made us a couple of sun-lounging fellows!) Let's go see what is in the garden this week!

So the Pansies have started blooming. Mom planted these to have a bit of Winter color. They weren't doing much until this recent hot spell. It's been so dry, Mom actually had to water the garden this week. 

Our English Bells (Hullo Milo and Alfie!) are doing well too. Whatever was eating them has moved on to someone else's garden!

Here is the big surprise of the week! Not only did our Zinnia's NOT die over the Winter like they usually do, but they actually BLOOMED this week. Very unusual. We think it might be because they face the south and are right next to the street so they get a lot of radiant heat. 

Thanks for joining us on this week's garden stroll. Don't forget to visit our friend Jonesie to see what the other Feline Gardeners are up too. 

Happy Thursday! xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. Thanks for a glimpse of summer! We are so ready for winter to be over so we can soak up the sun in our backyard.

  2. We've had nice weather here too, but with my human's black thumb, it does not matter much.

  3. We LOVE it that yoo think of us whenever yoo see the English Bells! Yoor garden is looking beautiful!

  4. Wow, a little bit of summer for those of us in the freezing north! So nice to see the lovely blooms!

  5. That makes us purr to see flowers in bloom in February! We are frosty this morning, about 28 degrees here, so good thing nothing has bloomed yet.

  6. What a lovely touch of spring! Things are evolving quite rapidly over here. The first crocuses are out, as are the snowdrops, and some very early wildflowers! Hurray!

    The Chans

  7. Those are great pictures, I feel warmer already!

  8. Thanx for the gardfen stroll fellas...there's stil a TON of the white crap outside here...

  9. Oh your flowers are just gorgeous, we have never seen English bells before they are very pretty. OK we has to get back to MM now but thanks for showing us your pretty flowers during our break.

  10. Ray and Busby
    Those are beautiful flowers and your garden is beginning to show some great promise!
    Enjoy your sunbeams.


  11. thankyou boys for the spring preview. We are enjoying some sunbeams too and have a few bulbs that have bloomed.

    Pip, Smidge, Minnie, and Hollie

  12. Wow, we love seeing all those flowers!! We're tired of lookng at all the snow.


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