Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hello friends! Thanks for joining me on the Thursday garden stroll today. We have a lot to show you today, so let's go!

The veggies in our raised beds have started to take off! Here is our Lacinato Kale. 

In the raised bed next to the Kale, we are growing Baby Babette Carrots. They are a small variety, the only grow about 4-6" long. (we need to get another row planted soon!) Our weather has finally warmed up and the veggies are very happy. 

Our Super Bush tomato is doing great too. We have three tomato plants, two of these Super Bush and one Garden Candy. We will hopefully have plenty of tomatoes this year. Last year it was too foggy all Summer for our tomatoes to do anything. 

In a container on our porch we are growing Bush Slicer Cucumbers. This is our first attempt at cukes. We've grown Lemon Cucumbers before but never the green kind. Our Non-blog Mom likes to make pickles, so we are excited to grow these. 

Our final stop on today's stroll is our Little Prince Eggplant. It has beautiful leaves. We hope it gets a lot of flowers that turn into a lot of eggplants. 

Thanks for joining us today! Don't forget to visit the other Feline Gardeners. Check out our friend Jonesie and follow the links to other gardeners at the bottom of her post. 

Happy Thursday friends! xoxo, Raymond


  1. It looks to me like your humans are going to have lots of veggies this summer!

  2. Looking good fur sure! Hey, I didn't know eggs grew on plants!

  3. The Human thinks these are all very impressive, but I want to know where is the chick-hen plant? the salmon plant? the Nip?

    Tomatoes & kale just don't do it for me, you know?

  4. Everything is looking great! We are trying to grow a sunflowerzilla this year, like you guys did. I hope it blooms and the birds enjoy it!

    ~Four Crazy Cats

  5. Wow what a great vegetable garden.
    Dad tried to grow several types of squashes this year and FAILED...they are all dying.
    But the peppers and the tomato plants look pretty good and all the herbs do too...except the lavender didn't make it.
    But your garden looks fabulous.

  6. Everything looks like it's doing great so far. Hope you get lots of good food this summer!

  7. Your garden is very adorable!!!

  8. Raymond, your folks' salad is coming along nicely :) We like the little ducky and chick-hen (?) guarding the cuc plants :-D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  9. You guys are gonna have lots of vegetables!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!! I've been having a great day!!

  10. your plants look wonderful! I am glad to see someone else doing container gardening too! We just planted some plants on our balcony a few days ago, we would love to do a garden post but don't know if we have to ask someone to join?


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