Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hello friends! Welcome to our Thursday garden stroll. Are you ready to see how our garden looks this week? 

Look deep into my bend down and weed our garden!

Our "Little Prince" container Eggplant got it's first blossom this week! We are stoked because we have never grown Eggplant before. 
This flower will turn into an Eggplant that our Moms can eat!

These are the Moss Roses (or Portulaca) that Mom planted in our front window box. They are one of her favorite flowers. They don't need much water and can take a lot of sunlight. 

Pretty Portulaca!

Here's a view of our backyard garden. That big Sunflower was planted by sloppy birds in our feeder. It's like getting free flowers!
Thanks sloppy birds!
Our Cosmos are blooming like crazy now too. We have them in all different colors, but we especially like this shade, and so do the butterflies!


Thanks for strolling with us today friends!
Don't forget to check out the other Feline Gardeners around the blogosphere! xoxo, Busby


  1. You have some nice stuff going on in your garden, guys! But I'm sorry, neither I nor my human will be doing any weeding for you!

  2. MOL..Busby, my mom will do anything with those eyes..Ha..Ha..
    and Your garden is so wonderful , Me and my mom love it. Our favorite one "Thanks Sloppy Bird " so beautiful and no weed, I guess your mom looked in your eyes..ha..ha..ha
    Have a great day !

  3. we love to see how your garden grows
    Benny & Lily

  4. Those flowers are real purty an dall, but you lost my Human at the Busby picture. She's all smitten. Hrrmph.

  5. "and all" but "an dall" works too ;-)

  6. Such a gorgeous garden! We love the ferny tree in front of the sunflower. Could you recommend some good biennial flowers that attract butterflies besides cosmos? We've got a garden but hardly a butterfly comes our way.

  7. Everything sure looks so nice! That eggplant is way the chickens know?

  8. OMC! Yoor garden is blooming luverly! Smoochies.

  9. You are sure lucky to have a garden! Where I live in The Woods is kind of high, and the deer have HUGE appetites and jump very high too!

    Paws 'n Claws,

  10. Haha! Nice try! Mom won't even pull the weeds for Jonesie!

  11. Wow, Busby! Your garden still looks really luscious! Some of our flowers are looking really punky now. So we had to go take pictures of our neighbor's flowers!

  12. Oh, your garden looks just beautiful. Ours isn't so good this year, 'cause it's been too hot and dry.


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