Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

Oh Hai friends! Welcome to our Thursday garden stroll. We were just resting our eyes here in the sunny spot waiting for you to arrive. Are you ready to stroll? Let's go!

Shhh, Busby. Don't snore. I told them we were resting our eyes!

The garden is in full bloom these days. Here is one of our glorious Cosmos. 

Here is another Sunflower that was planted by the birds who fed in our feeder over the Winter. They are so cheerful!

Sunny Sunflower!

The bees are certainly enjoying our Blue Ensign Morning Glories! We are surprised (and happy!) that they are still blooming, they were the first plants to bloom for us this season. 


Here are our Moss Roses. Mom planted them in the front flower box when it got too warm for the Sweet Peas. Aren't they pretty? We love all the different colors. 

Moss Roses or Portulaca. 

Thanks for visiting us today! Mom said to apologize that we haven't been commenting on our friends' blogs very much lately. Work is very busy for her since the 2012 Seed Season began on July 1st. We hope to visit more this weekend. 

Have a great Thursday friends! xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. You have some cool flowers coming up right now!

  2. Wow, those flowers are all just awesome! Especially the big bright sunflower!

  3. WOW! All those flowers look awesome ~ but the pic of the insect on the "Morning Glories" is FABULOUS!

  4. Such beautiful flowers! We strongly believe that bird-planted sunflowers are the best!

    The Chans

  5. How very, very pretty! You two are amazing!!!

  6. Your garden is beautiful but we don't think we would have left the sunny spot to show you, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every photos in this post are amazing! Thanks to share!


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