Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hello friends! We have a pretty boring garden stroll today. Mom has been working a lot and the weather has been weird and there is no time to be in the garden and blah blah blah. 

Getting pretty sick of your excuses MOM. 

Anyway, here is a fairly recent shot of our garden and you can see the Cosmos have taken over the world and are crowding out the Zinnias and the Morning Glories. Mom plans to not plant so many Cosmos seeds next year. Or maybe plant them in a different bed. 

It's like a jungle out there!

In the front of our house, our NON-blog Mom has planted a fig tree. She is very excited as we have all ready killed off one fig tree. This one looks like it just might survive. It even has tiny figs on it but our weather isn't very warm so they are not getting ripe. Yet. 

Mmmm, figs. 

You may recall that our human Uncle and Aunt were visiting. Here's our Blog-Mom and her brother playing golf in Half Moon Bay, CA. Yeah. Mom is too busy working to garden. Uh huh. 

Nice glove, Mom. 

Thanks for coming with us on our stroll today! Don't forget to visit the other (way more awesome) gardens today all over the blogosphere!   xoxo, Raymond


  1. We stll love your garden pictures and they are not boring. We love those fig trees
    Benny & Lily

  2. That is PAWSOME that you have a fig tree! We had one at the old house - the humans planted it themselves and they were sorry to have to leave it. They even had a name for it: Figgy Pop.

  3. Your garden is still lovely! There's really nothing left in ours.

    Yes, we see how hard your blog mom was "working" there. Gorgeous vista, we must say!

  4. I think your garden looks great, and you should have went with your Mom and Uncle and chased those little white balls around!!!

  5. Those are great garden photos...we love the jungle one! Wonder how fast fig trees grow? Maybe we can talk mom and Auntie into getting one.

    ~Four Crazy Cats

  6. Wow, maybe you shoulda called this a jungle stroll...haha!! Srsly, we think your flowers are very pretty!!


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