Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Thirteen-Edition 1

It's Thursday and today we are going to do our very first Thursday Thirteen post. We're pretty excited about it. Since it's Halloween week, we are going to list thirteen of our favorite scary movies.

1) "Carrie" The end of this movie scares the pee out of us everytime we see it. John Travolta plays a real jerk in this movie.

2) "Dracula" We like the original movie with Bela Lugosi. We do kind of laugh when the guy is eating spiders though. That part isn't scary 'cause we LIKE to eat spiders!

3) "Frankenstein" The old one with the great Boris Karloff is our favorite. Very scary. We kinda feel sorry for the monster. Kinda.

4) "Misery" This is from a story written by Stephen King. Stephen King is one of the best scary writers ever. We still aren't sure why the lady is so mean to Sonny Corleone.

5) "Dreamscape" Do you remember this one? It's from 1984. It's got a cool plot about people who can get into your dreams. Pretty scary.

6) "The Silence of the Lambs" This movie has a lot of suspense. Plus my Mom hung out once with the actress who plays the girl who is held hostage by the crazy guy in this movie. She insisted that we add it to our list.

7) "Freaks" This movie was directed by the great Tod Browning. He also directed "Dracula". This movie is not on TV very often because it is still pretty disturbing even by today's standards. Creepy!

8) "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" Don't let anyone convince you that this is about football or South Bend, Indiana because it's not!

9) "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" This is a scary movie but it has a scene where someone is served a parrot for lunch. Personally, we would love to be served a parrot for lunch, but evidently humans do not care for it and it makes them scream. Loudly.

10) "Christine" This is another movie written by Stephen King. We were all ready pretty scared of cars and this movie just sealed the deal.

11) "The Birds" We really love this movie. We love all the birds. It's scary but in a good, bird-watching way. (one of our favorite things to do.) Alfred Hitchcock got the inspiration for this movie from a real incident that happened not far from where we live. Seriously.

12) "He Who Gets Slapped" This is a silent film from the 1920's. It stars the great Lon Chaney Sr. If you weren't all ready scared of clowns you will be after you see this movie.

13) "The Day the Earth Stood Still" We think they remade this, but we like the original from 1951. It's got a cool space ship. What can we say except "Klaatu barada nikto"!

Thanks for reading our very first Thursday Thirteen!


  1. Carrie was a freaky movie. I could watch it, and probably have, 100 times.

    Have a great Thursday!
    You should join us on Monday for Monday Mayhem.

  2. I remember Dreamscape and it was a good flick. I was just thinking about "Whatever happened to Baby Jane " the other night. The only one I would add to the list would be "The Haunting" with Claire Bloom. All lighting and atmosphere and no cheesy ghost graphics.

    My T13 is up. 13 Facebook Applications to Help You Waste Time Stop by if you get a chance.

  3. Those are all good scary movies. We don't know Dreamscape though. Mom will have to look it up.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Our Mombean is a real wimp and she won't let us watch any scarey movies.....but it's probably a good thing or she might squeeze us senseless when she gets skerred.


  5. What a great first Thursday 13!! Our mom sez she's seen most of those movies...she likes the Stephen King ones and some of those old ones...we love The Birds...we get to see the remake in our backyard after mom fills the feeders!

  6. That's a good list! We love scairty movies. The Birds is a classic. But we also like newer ones like Silence of the Lambs, too.

  7. I avoid scary movies, except for the vampire ones (but not all of them). The 1931 Dracula was an excellent pre-code film.

    Also, my cat Frisbee would like to say *purrsqueakpurr* from up in San Mateo.

    - Celticlibrarian

  8. I am not afraid of scary clowns but I don't really like them either. Who gets Slapped, never seen it but I want to now!
    Lambs would have to be my crawling out of my skin fave! Great first 13!

  9. The Birds is a good one! And of course, being cats, you would like that movie!

  10. oooh I love your T13. I've been doing a countdown of my 31 favorite horror films on my blog right now. You have some great films here. The Exorcist, Jaws, and The Shining are two of my personal favs.

  11. Hi kitties, nice to meet you! That is a good list but mum says we cannot watch any of those movies because she is a scaredy cat. Pffft. We have seen Silence of the Lambs though.


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