Saturday, March 13, 2010

PhotoHunt: Spiral

This week's theme is SPIRAL. Mom went into our toy box and dug out one of our old favorite toys for this PhotoHunt shot. It looks like a piece of SPIRAL shaped pasta. (but it's not pasta. We know because we have tried to eat it.) We hope next week's theme is CATNIP!

Are you playing PhotoHunt this week? Whatever you are up to, feel free to leave us a link to your blog on this McLinky.


  1. That sure looks like real pasta; we'd try to eat it too!...Yes, nip would be a fun PhotoHunt!!...Thanks for letting us leave our link...Hope you guys have a great weekend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Hahaha that makes me smile ^_^ Happy weekend!

    Sea Shell

  3. Oh wow! That does look like real pasta, and it's perfect for today! I should get one of these toys for my Livvy!

    My Spiral post is up! I hope you can visit.

  4. Now that is an creative take on the theme! I'll bet my kitty would like to play with one of those too!

  5. Isn't everything a toy? We're going to suggest catnip as a theme!!!

    That's a cool toy - where did your Mom find it? We would like one.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. One of my favourite toys is a little spring I found, so I guess I'm into spirals too!


  7. Well, I'll be! That looks exactly like a piece of rotini! Fun toy!

  8. Great spiral. It does look just like a real piece of pasta! :)

    Have a great weekend, friends!

  9. Looks like spiral pasta to us! Very creative, great toy! :-)

  10. Hmm. I sense a spoiled feline here. . . Great picture.

  11. We were sure that was pasta!

    purr on

  12. That looks like an extra-fun toy! I bet you can send it flying across the room. And yeah, what is with these Photo Hunt themes? When ARE they going to do catnip???

  13. Awwwww! I shall have everything crossed that next week will be catnip too!


    Thank you Raymond and Busby for your sweet and thoughtful words about my loss.

    Take care

  14. Bet it would be fun to bat that toy under the fridge!


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