Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tagged Thursday

Hey there pals! It's my turn to play the tag game. As Busby mentioned earlier this week, we each have our own photo folders. This is the tenth photo from my folder.
Like Busby's blog post from Tuesday, this photo was also taken in May 2005. I was seven months old and all ready looking very Mancatly, don't you think? And how about those frootbats? I was in our new big cat bed when this photo was taken. We ended up donating that bed to the SPCA last year, because our Mom says we have enough beds. (silly Mom! You can never have too many beds!)
Have a great Thursday friends! And if you want to play the tag game, just pick the tenth photo from your first folder of photos and tell us all about it in your bloggie. xoxo, Raymond


  1. You looked handsome and mancatly! You are right you can never have too many beds. We have so many beds here and my furry babies still sleep on my lap haha. I love it though :).

  2. Hey handsome! I don't have my own bed too..

  3. That's a great photo, Raymond!

    Do you have beds you never use at all? #1 sometimes will buy us a bed which she thinks looks wonderfully soft and comfortable, and we never go near it...

    The "Chans"

  4. I agree on that whole bed thing. In fact, I think mom should pile mine up since they tend to get kind of flat.

    You were a most manly kitty and now are all grown up to a manly footbat.


  5. You were a very handsome and mancatly kitty! Still are handsome and mancatly too, of course. :-)

    As for the beds...We don't really have kitty beds. Our human is tempted, but she's pretty sure we'd ignore them. We have lots of blankets and kitty tents, though!

  6. You guys have your own folders? Your Mom is WAY more organized than ours!

    Raymond, you're always so handsome!

  7. As always, a very handsome photo of you. xxxxxxxxxx

  8. You are so handsome and them FrootBats are magnificent!

  9. I love frootbat ears! Especially on a manly mancat! It is very nice to see a pic of you in the early days, Raymond!

  10. You looks very manly Raymond!
    I agree, you can never has enough beds.

  11. We love the baby pictures; you look so adorable and cuddly, on your way to being the handsome mancat you are today!!...Hope you guys have a fun day!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Raymond, you looked GOOD back in 2005, as you do now too! Nice frootbats.

  13. Raymond
    That was a fabulous frootbat picture of you!
    *woo hoo*
    Furry handsome.


  14. Raymond, you're very handsome in that picture!

  15. Very ManCatly for that age! Love the ears.

  16. Everyone is so right! True, you are one sexy black kitty!


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