Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordy Wednesday (and LATE too!)

Hello friends! Yesterday was quite an adventure. Instead of staying in the bathroom while the carpet was installed, Busby & I went back to our Foster Mom's house. She had a room that was empty except for some cat trees. We had fun there. (Although at first we were a bit scared.)

We were closed up in the room, so as not to disturb the other cats who live there. This tortie is Lily. She is a real purr-burger according to our Mom.

This Abby guy is Rory. He made me HISS! He kept sticking his little red paws under the bedroom door. He was a real PEST! I think he wanted to come in and see who was in his cat tree room. I hissed at him under the door most of the day.

The carpet guys finally finished at about 7pm last night. It took over NINE hours. Our Moms were not very pleased with the lady who measured for our carpet and told us it would take "a half a day". Mom thought it would be more like six hours. The carpet installer told us he was told the house was empty and he could take his time. Ugh! Bad communication!

Anyway, as you can see, I was more than ready to get back to my own house. I was IN the carrier when my Moms came to get Busby and I. Get me back home where no red cats are poking their paws at me from under the door!

Here I am this morning. Sleeping in the sun. Very happy to be back home. The new carpet is nice but Mom has a lot of clean up and unpacking to do today. We're just glad she got the computer back online so we could blog!

Happy Wednesday friends! xoxo, Raymond


  1. Wow, we're glad that's over and done with! Our human says that's typical of contractors--everything always takes longer than expected, there's slip-ups along the way, etc. Very frustrating!

    We're sorry Rory bothered you all day-he's a very handsome mancat, though. And Lily is lovely!

  2. Sorry your day was ruined by a red pawed kittie sticking his stinky feets under the door! He is furry kyute though. AND, YAY that your home with NEW carpet!

  3. Now, now, Raymond.... We Abys are NOT pests! We are just VERY curious!

    Glad the new carpet is done!

    Aby Purrs,
    The Chans

  4. What an exciting day you two had...glad you are back home now and blogging! Can't wait to see pics of the new carpet.

  5. What a day you had. This is why I have a very old carpet. I'm waiting til I move the cats and empty the house .. to redo the carpets.

  6. Wow! What an experience! We hope our mom doesn't get any ideas about new carpeting in the house!

  7. As a Somali - we are closely related to Abys - I have to apologize a bit for Rory's behavior. We use our paws the way humans use their hands, so we're always poking them somewhere. And he was probably kind of annoyed that you got to hang out in the room where all HIS cat trees were.

  8. That was quite an adventure! It's kyoot that you was in your carrier when your mommy came!
    Those are some really pretty kitties, even if they were annoying.
    I'm glad things are getting back to normal, I'm sure you are resting today!
    Have a great day on your new carpet. (First one to hurl a hairball wins!!)

  9. Boy, I bet you and your mom are very happy that's over with! I guess we're lucky for Russell and Caroline, two big reasons why our mom won't get new carpet.

  10. You live such exciting lives! We're glad you're back home where you are safe from strange paws!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. I'd be a hissing too! How dare he stick his paw under the door. At least it is all over.

  12. Oh but we love red kiddies too! Abbys are so energetic! Glad you're home safe soakin up the rays! Can't wait to see the new carpet (with you both modeling it of course). Great job boys!

  13. Sounds like an exciting day, even though that Rory looks a little scary! We're happy you're back home and enjoying your new carpet!

  14. *whew*
    We are glad that is all over for you guys! Now you can get life back to normal and check out all that noo carpets!


  15. New carpet is nice, but taking so much time is not. Mum says when she did the house the sales lady messed up ordering enough carpet! So they had to get an extra piece that went into the hallway.

  16. Phew! What a crazy day! Glad everything worked out okay, and you guys are back home and settled in. :)

  17. Lily and Rory are gorgeous kitties; too bad you guys didn't get to play together and have some fun!...We're glad the carpet installation is over and you guys are back home, hanging out in the sunbeams, like it should be!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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