Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Garden Report with Busby

Hello friends! It has been a pretty darn exciting week in the garden! Let's get right to it.

We got a beautiful little tree! As you know, we have a VERY small yard. Our Moms have been wanting a Japanese Maple to grow in a container. Well, this past week, one of our non-blogging Mom's co-workers GAVE us this Japanese Maple! It was in exchange for a cherry tree that we had that was going to grow way too big for our yard. Isn't it pretty?

Our Moms are big pesto fans, so they like to grow basil every year. This basil was looking pretty wimpy, but then we had some rain this week and suddenly it's looking better. We still think it's touch and go though. We usually grow it on the Southwest side of our house, but this year we are trying it on the North side of the house. It actually gets pretty good sun there, so we will keep our paws crossed and keep you posted on it's progress.

We leave you this week with a view of our garden snakes. No, they aren't real garden snakes! They are rocks that our friend Jaki Christeve painted for us. Mom is trying to get a little rock garden/succulent garden thing going in one part of the yard.

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Have a pawsome day! xo, Busby


  1. Hee hee!!! Those are the widest eyes we've ever seen my friend!!

  2. We can see the surprise in your face when you saw the cute tree! We've never seen a Japanese Maple tree, but we have lots of regular old Maples around here (being Canada, and all!)

  3. That tree is beautiful! Our mom likes to eat basil with fresh mozzarella and tomaters!

  4. Your Japanese Maple is so pretty! Good luck with the basil. We are on our second trial at planting this year - the first plant got almost deaded while my folks were away.

  5. I never heard of a tree-exchange before. Pretty great that you gets the tree you wanted.
    We thinks your Basil looks yummy. Can't waits to see a picshur of your pesto. (Mommy loves pestos too.)
    Happy gardening.

  6. That's a great looking garden. Our mom likes Pesto too, and is growing basil. We tried freezing some last year (the pesto) but haven't gotten around to trying it :)

  7. Dontcha just love the way the basil smells in your garden?? Not as good as catnip, but it does smell yummy!! We hope those little plants make it!

  8. That Japanese Maple is lovely and mom LOVES them garden snakes!!! She's gonna be doing gardening this weekend!

  9. Busby, we don't think we've seen such a wide-eyed look before! You must be stunned by the beauty of the Japanese maple! We hope it thrives!

  10. Really kewl garden post. And we loved the pic of you through the screen!!! xxxxxxx

  11. mmm, i would like a bit of that basil with fresh mozzarella and olive oil please!

  12. Love those big blue eyes, Bus!...And you are doing a great job on your garden=the maple tree is lovely and we love the rock garden too...kisses handsome...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Ohhhh; your moms are SO lucky!!! The woman I live with has been coveting that particular type of tree for many years!

    She was muttering that there is nothing better than fresh basil in olive oil with fresh tomatoes over toasty bread. To that I must say eeeccchhh... though the crunchy bits we do understand.

    She said to tell you the snake rocks are the 'most darling' she's seen. I don't know her problem! The nerve!!! I personally bring her live reptiles all the time and what does she do??? let's them GO! Honestly these dumb humans can't make up their minds!

    love to the blue lamps & the gorgeous pumpkin eyed one!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan
    lizard catcher extrodiaire!

  14. Mommy buys basil plants at the store and Sweet Pea goes nutso over them! She's grown it in the garden before and it turns into a giant bush. Good luck with yours.
    The Japanese maple will add a lot of nice color to your garden.
    Busby, even through the screen you're lookin' good!

  15. Oh we love Japanese maples...we had three of them, but when we had to relocate two of them, they didn't make it. They were so beautiful. We still have one in our garden...Busby you are doing a great job with your garden this year!


  16. What a pretty little tree! How lucky you all are. And we love the rocks, too!

  17. Wow Busby, you look quite amazed at the garden's progress this week!

  18. Wow! We are way late to your garden post...but that's what happens when moms get too busy to help their kitties ::sob::

    Love the look on your face Busby!


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