Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Garden Report with Raymond

Hey there friends! It's Thursday and that means it's time to take a look at our garden!
I mentioned last week that our yard is VERY small. Luckily for us, we have a rather large porch that faces South. It gets a lot of good sun. This Nasturtium is growing in a pot on our porch.

Here's a Calla Lily that is growing in the little strip of dirt next to our carport. Our neighbor has a lot of Calla Lilies, so some of them have started volunteering in our yard. We like that, FREE plants!

This is our garden frog. He lives in the back yard. He stays VERY still. He keeps the fake quail company.

In front of our house there is a narrow patch of dirt. Mom planted some sweet peas there and they are THRIVING! The purple ones are a variety called Cupani. They smell REALLY good. You have to keep cutting the flowers or else they will go to seed and stop blooming.

Here's a bouquet of sweet peas that Mom cut this morning. Aren't they pretty? We wish you could smell them. Maybe Blogger will have a scratch and sniff option soon. (MOL!)

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Have a great Thursday friends! See you in the garden! xoxo, Raymond


  1. Ooo, Calla lillies are our mummy's favorite! Very beautiful!

  2. All your flowers are very very pretty, Raymond.

  3. Such pretty flowers! We think your sweet peas are even prettier than ours (the smelly kitten LOL)!

  4. What a sweet and happy little bow-kay!

  5. We especially like the sweet peas, such glorious colour!

    Have a wonderful Thursday. :-)

  6. Pawsome garden guys!! The sweet peas are very pretty...I love the wild look about them :)

  7. Sweet Peas!!!!!!!!!!! Our mama loves sweet peas....and tons of other flowers. xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. What a lovely tour of your garden...everyone enjoyed our tour a couple of weeks ago,too. Teri planted some Nasties too and hope they live. They have liked the rain we've had, as have the other newly planted flowers! We like your froggie, too...very unique!

  9. pretty pretty flowers and such great colors!
    Your gardens look great! thank you for sharing this today


  10. Your garden is gorgeous with bright beautiful blooms!..Our Mommy's favorite flower is Calla Lily, she says they are simple and elegant...You are doing a wonderful job, Ray...kisses handsome boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Mommy is laughing! Our Sweet Pea is all white, and the flowers are so colorful. We wonder if they would do well here in a shadier spot...Mommy will have to look into that. She loves scented flowers.

  12. You have a fabulous garden, guys! Mom LOVES Calle Lillies! And we think a scratch and sniff blog would be PAWesome. Then we can see how effuryone's noms smell!

  13. WOW!! Those sweet peas are just gorgeous!

  14. Raymond
    Those are some gorgeous Sweet Peas...and we wish we could smell them. Momma says if we had any plants in the house that Ping would eat them...

    I have a crazy brofur!


  15. Wow that Nasturtium is neat! You has a pawsome flower selection =^_^=

  16. My human loves nasturtiums and is have that you featured one!

  17. Those flowers are purrty! You have a really nice garden.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  18. Hello Raymond,

    Very pleased to meet you.

    Flowers are so pretty! :)

    My meowmmy can't keep plants longer than a week! She is hopeless... seriously!

    Love, Lucky

  19. For a small garden, you sure have lots of flowers!! Very pretty!


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