Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Your (Talky) Tuesday Tonkinese

Hello friends! Raymond and I got a kick of out some of the comments on our Saturday Photo Hunt post. YES! We are real biological brothers. Litter mates. We don't look alike, probably because we had different Dads. Did you know a litter of cats can have up to FOUR different Dads? Wow! We also had some questions about our RAW diet. We have been eating raw food for over a year now. Our Mom thinks our energy level has increased (um, great photo to go with this one Mom!) and that our coats are much more soft and shiny. We shed less too. Raymond, who used to be VERY itchy, is much less itchy and no longer licks patches in his fur.

Our Mom makes our food once a week. She refrigerates enough for a few days and freezes the rest to be thawed as needed. It sounds time consuming, but once you get the hang of the recipe, it only takes about thirty minutes a week to prepare the food.

The recipes my Mom uses comes from an excellent (and well known) book called "Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats". Our Moms first discovered this book a few years ago when our older brother Alex developed CRF. (He was 19 human years old at the time) They fed Alex a high carb diet that they read about in the book. He lived to be 23 years old!

Feeding raw food is not for everyone. If you think you are interested in a raw diet or in homeopathic remedies for cats and dogs, you can check out Dr Pitcairn's website
HERE . We think it's a great book for everyhuman, whether they want to feed raw or not. There are cool recipes for treats in the book too, that are cooked.

We're not being paid by anyone to write this post. We had a few cats ask us about our raw diet and we figured this was a good way to answer everycat at once.

Have a lovely Tuesday, xoxo, Busby

PS-Mom is golfing today so we may not be around to visit until late this afternoon. See you later!


  1. Wow...one litter can have 4 dads?? We didn't know that! We had heard maybe 2, but not 4! Very interesting!

  2. That is nutty. You can have different dads? Seems to me your mom must have really gotten around. Just sayin. Raw foodables rock. I am jelly over your diet.


  3. We had known about the different dad possibility because Samson is completely different from his littermates (they're all short-haired, 6-toed and small!).

    We get fed raw food too, but our Mom is too lazy to actually make it herself...she is going to check out the website.

  4. Lovely photo, Busby!

    Can we be nosy and ask what actually goes into the diet? Our recent health problem probably came from eating raw chicken, which we love. But sadly, our vet has forbidden #1 from giving us any raw meat anymore.

    Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan

  5. We knew about different dads too. Same for dogs--the females will mate with several males so the litters can have quite a mix!

    Two of our human's co-workers feed raw--one entirely raw and one a combination of raw with a bit of premium canned for three of her four (the fourth eats raw only). It's certainly made a big difference to them!

    Our human hasn't tried raw for us, she's not sure she could bear to starve us long enough to get us onto it. She's pro-raw, just not disciplined and tough enough to do it. And we don't really even like human food, aren't that interested, even in meat, except maybe one or two small bites now and again. She can leave anything out on the counters--and we do mean anything--and we don't touch it.

    Now, if someone wants to take us and get us on raw, she's okay with that! LOL.

  6. Kea, we actually took to the raw food right away. At first our Mom mixed raw with our canned food, but in no time we were eating just raw food.

  7. That is interesting about a high carb diet for kidney disease. Mom will store that tidbit in her recesses of her brain just in case.

  8. 4 different dads...you mean...my momma...uh? Wha?

    I looked different...so maybe my momma...uh...got around?


  9. We're making our mom go check that site out right now! We think you're SOOOO cute, you two!

  10. Very interesting! We've been pondering raw too. I even picked up a trail run packet, but we had some sickness run through a couple kitties and decided to wait until everyone was back on track...which is now, but I hate to upset the balance...so to speak.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  11. Gorgeous photo Bus!...The raw food diet sounds interesting; our Mommy will check out the site; we are her babies, so she is grateful for any information that is healthful to us=Thanks so much!...We shed a lot and Calle has dry skin in the winter with the heater constantly being used...Happy day sweet boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. i wanna ask my mommeh to take a look at that book...

  13. Busby,
    Our Mommy witll check out the food site. Thanks for the info!
    We already have noticed a big difference just going from kibble to good canned food. We all have trimmed down and Grayce's itchy dandruff is completely gone!
    As for the different Daddies, well, we guess there's some truth to the saying "Catting around"!

  14. We have that book! We are lucky to have a holistic vet who taught us all about feline nutrition, and then our mom read lots of different books and websites. We love our raw diet, and are completely off dry food. We like to eat a lot of different food, and besides the rabbit, chicken, beef and venison raw medallions, we sometimes eat a can of Before Grain quail, or some Weruva chicken canned food.

  15. Birks loves raw food but I can take it or leave it myself unless it's chicken, I love raw chicken. FAZ

  16. My human would love it if I would eat a raw diet - I do love the raw freeze-dried treats - but I'm a really picky eater and very thin. I've rejected raw food in the past. She is trying different supplements to help me want to eat more. If she ever gets that figured out, and gets me over my pickiness, she may try some raw food again.

  17. My brofurs Ping and Jinx are littermates from what we think are different dads too.

    Momma wishes we liked different foods but we are all so picky, well except Jinx. Jinx would eat anything you gave him.


  18. Busby, honest to cod, when I first read "high carb diet" I thought it said high crab diet and I almost fainted!!

  19. Mom's pretty sure Maya and Chevelle have different daddies.

  20. I think MICHICO need to find that book as well~!
    You look great~!

  21. We did not know that a litter can have up to 4 dads! That must be why we've come across many litters that don't look alike at all! mawhawhaw!
    That was an interesting post about the raw food diet. Mummy is going to look into it to see whether it will work for us!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla


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