Monday, June 7, 2010

Cat Tree Review and Haiku Contest!

Our cat tree from CSN arrived on Friday! They sent us a $40 gift code and so we chose the cat tree. It cost 39.95 with free shipping.

The cat tree piqued our curiosity as soon as it came out of the box! We snoopervised as our Moms put it together. We couldn't even WAIT until it was built to start playing with it!

Our Moms said it was easy to put together. It seems sturdy. They say that the fleece is a bit messy when we claw at it. There are some blue fuzzy things on our carpet. (Get over it Mom!) They may end up putting sisal on the other two legs on the cat tree. (one leg all ready has sisal on it.)

We really like the little hanging ball that comes with the cat tree, they actually include a SECOND ball in case the first gets completely chewed up. The top part of the tree has a little tunnel, which is sort of a tight fit for Busby, but he likes to lay inside of it anyway. The cat tree we picked is 30" tall. Just the right height to sit on and gaze out the window.

We give the Armakat 30" Faux Fleece Cat Tree two (four?) paws up. Thank you to the folks at CSN stores for giving us the $40 gift code in exchange for our review.

Now about our CONTEST! It's a HAIKU CONTEST!

Our contest is simple and fun! Leave us a Haiku as a comment! A Haiku is a very short poem that is only three sentences long.

The first sentence must have five (5) syllables. The second sentence must have seven (7) syllables, and the third sentence must have five (5) syllables. You can write it about any subject you want. To be eligible for the prize drawing, your haiku must follow traditional haiku format, and it must be original. Raymond wrote a haiku for Frootbat Friday on June 4th, if you need an example of a haiku.

The winner will be selected by a random drawing. The prize is a $40 gift code courtesy of CSN Stores. You can get yourself the same cat tree we reviewed, or use your code at any of the other 200-plus CSN stores.

Unfortunately, the prize is only valid in the U.S. or Canada. Only one entry per family please. Contest ends 06/10/10 at 8pm Pacific Time. The winner will be announced on Friday June 11th and must respond with a current email address within 48 hours to claim the prize. (We'll also need your human's name) Otherwise, another eligible entry will be chosen. Please make sure that you leave a way for us to contact you in case you win. Good Luck friends!

Details about the gift certificate (promo code): This will be emailed to you directly from CSN. They will not share your email address with any other companies. Gift Certificate “Code” will be used during the last step of checkout on their web site under “Promotional Codes.” Code expires after first use. Entire promotional amount must be used on first purchase. If the total cost of basket exceeds the amount of money from the promotional code, you are responsible for the difference. Promotional code will be applied to all items in your basket.


  1. We sure wish that we
    Lived in a place like Canada
    So we could have gifts

  2. The Price is Not Bad
    I would Like a Blue One Too
    Nice of You to Share


  3. That looks like an awesome tree! Here is my haiku:

    Harley is a pest
    An end to good times is near
    When Harley is here

  4. LOVE the new blue cat tree! It's pawsome!

  5. The cat tree is pawsome. Here is our attempt at a haiku.

    We love Sockie Pooh
    Sockie Pooh loves MoMO true
    Purr goes Sockie Pooh

  6. Such a cool cat tree!

    Here is a Haiku by Deli called Samson

    Samson has bad breath
    It's hard to let him clean me
    Have to plug my nose


  7. We think your new cat tree is pawsome! But no Haiku from us--our human is not that clever or creative, particularly at this time. :-)

  8. That looks like a great cat tree! Sadly I can't enter as I am in Australia.

  9. two cats in the tree
    nice place for nicky and me
    tree top rassaling

  10. Catnip dried and pure
    Makes me crazy and so high
    Have the munchies now!

    Four Crazy Cats :)

  11. What a marvelous tree!!! We know you mancats will totally enjoy it. xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Mom goes a-shopping
    Brings home a pretty black dress
    and the white cat laffs

  13. I am a sweet girlie
    Mom likes when my tail goes curly
    And my furs get unfurly


    PS...PAWesome cat tree!!!

  14. We ask mom for treats
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Horde
    There are four of us


    Mom, give us treats now
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Horde
    And we will be good

    Da Boys
    who like tree muchly
    PS second one is StarWalker's fault (is not)(is too)

  15. We aren't any good at this but we kitties love our CSN cat tree so much, we thought we would try our paws at writing something for the woofies to enter.

    We three woofies too
    could use a prezzie from you.
    CSN toys rock!

    Cotton, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron & Rusty
    for Buddy, Merci & Sam

  16. twelve cats are we here
    no one is good at sharing
    allieviate stress

  17. that kitteh tree looks so nice! i will have to get Baby Audrey's help to write up a haiku... i have never tried it before, and i do not know if i am poetical at all!

  18. Wow that tree is nice
    Purrfect way to look outside
    Boys look cool in blue

  19. We are the five cats
    Who need a new blue cat tree
    To play and roll on

    We are not good with Haiku's but we tried....

    That is a great cat tree you got.


  20. Nice cat tree, love the colors. We are not good with poetry so we wont even try.

  21. That tree looks like loads of fun! Okay, I am going to try a Haiku:

    Old cat tree worn out
    Only perch I eat in peace
    I need new one fast!

  22. The Mango is huge
    Sleeping and farting daily
    Good to be Mango

  23. goes...

    To win a new toy
    We hafta write a haiku
    So that's what we did

  24. Cat tree so fleecy
    in our favorite color
    blue to match Al's eyes.

    Hope we win!

    cats of wildcat woods

  25. Busby's in a tree.
    Him scoots in the tunnel.
    Raymond says he's big.

  26. Ok, you don't know me but here is my Haiku:

    Lying in the sun
    (ly-ing in the sun)
    Kitty silently snoozing
    (kit-ty si-lent-ly snoo-zing)
    Sleeping on the grass
    (sleep-ing on the grass)

    Be sure to check out my blog!
    Also you can donate to the SPCA and the Lonely Miaow here:

  27. How much fun is this!!!

    OK, OK...


    Cat of gold am I
    How much value do I hold?
    More than a vault full.

    Aint that the truth!!

    Purrs Goldie

  28. Cool cat tree...We wrote a haiku on tomorrow's post=sorry, Mom is trying to catch up on missed comments and did it backwards!...Thanks for the chance to win!...We love you handsome boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  29. We are handsome cats
    There is no doubt of that fact
    Wisdom in our eyes.

  30. Here kitty, kitty
    A new adventure awaits
    Cat tree is awesome!

  31. dragonfly flutters
    bug scurrying in the grass
    -feline distractions

  32. his tummy exposed
    an open invitation?
    -tickle tummy time

  33. =^_^=
    We love blue cat trees
    Oh how pawsome it would be
    To sleep in our own

  34. Lovely black kitty
    rubbing against the fleece tree
    happy purrs, big purr

  35. Drifting off to sleep.
    A harmony of soft purrs.
    A sweet lullaby.


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