Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Garden Report with Raymond

Hello friends! There were some eye opening developments in the garden this week! Things actually GREW even though our MOMS were out of town all week. (go figure!) A special shout out to our friend Lorraine who came over and tended the garden while our Moms were off having fun. Today we are starting the garden report with some of the container plants on our front porch. Mom loves Salvias, and they do very well in our climate. Here's one whose name Mom cannot remember. (duhr.)

Here's another Saliva. This one is called "Hot Lips". The flowers start out white and then part of them turn red. Hence the name!

Meanwhile, on the East side of the house, the pretend Quail are being overrun by flowers!

Here's a photo of one of the many volunteer sunflowers (thanks to the bird feeder and the sloppy birds). This photo is from June 10th and...

...Here is the SAME sunflower today! It GREW like CRAZY!

We have a few hanging planters. This one has purple Verbena and some lovely Alyssum in it.

Here's yet another Saliva. It sprang up out of no where and has established itself next to our driveway.

We leave you this week with a look at our tomatoes. We grow them in a raised bed on the Southwest side of the house. They seem to like it there. We have three heirloom varieties. A friend of ours gives us seedlings, we never know what to expect!

All three of our tomatoes are starting to get fruit on them! This tomato is called Stupice. What will the fruit look like? No idea!

Hope you enjoyed this week's garden report. Make sure to visit the many other gardening cats who are blogging about their gardens today!

xoxoxo, Raymond


  1. That is so strange to me, that those plants would grow without your humans around. But then, any plant under MY human's care would probably die faster if she didn't go away now and again.

  2. Maybe Lorraine has a magic green thumb. :-)

    The only flowers we recognized were the petunias (look like petunias, at any rate) and the sunflower, so it was nice to see your garden and learn something new!

    Your tomatoes are doing so well...yum!

  3. Looking good there Raymond...can't wait to see what those tomatoes will look like. I love that blue and yellow saliva that just popped up! So pretty.

  4. What a lovely flower garden!!!!!

    And our mama's mouth is watering just thinking about home grown tomatoes!!!!!


  5. Your garden is growing so well and it's all so beautiful!




  6. Your stuff looks great! Yay for Lorraine!

  7. Hi, Ray, your garden is looking awesome, sweetie...You guys have lots of pretty flowers; we're really impressed with your colorful blooms...Hugs and kisses x3 handsome...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Your garden is looking great! We had our first tomatoe ripen but the birdies poked holes in it :(

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. Wow! Everything is really growing good! The flowers are really pretty!

  10. Raymond your garden is stunning and your picshurs are awesome! Keeps up the good work handsome man!

  11. Love all your pretty flowers!

  12. Everything looks great! I bet you can hardly wait for those tomatoes to ripen!


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