Friday, July 9, 2010

Frootbat Friday

Hello friends! Behold the MIGHTY FROOTBAT! See this face? This is the face that just saw a big FAT HUNGRY GOPHER munching away at our GARDEN!

Yes, Sunflowerzilla is in eminent danger. What's a MIGHTY FROOTBAT to do?!

Well, not much because this is one frootbat who lives indoors and can only watch the carnage from the window.

Mom is not happy however. She knew she hadn't buried the gopher wire deep enough, and now she is dealing with the consequences.

Happy Friday friends! Our Thursday garden report this coming week maybe very brief!
xo Raymond


  1. Hey! Gopher has to eat too, you know.


  2. Those are some BIG eyes Raymond :)

  3. Frootbats? It's the eyes that take centre stage here! Wow, you have HUGE eyes in that photo! :-)

    Maybe the sunflower can be salvaged. Paws crossed!

  4. Awesome eyes. At least the gopher has good taste in flowers. Have a good weekend.

  5. Raymond...that face is priceless!!! If gopher saw it, he'd be scared away for sure!!

  6. The gopher didn't see those magnificent eyes--if he had, your eye power woulda scared him off. You'll get him next time!


  7. Bummer!!!!!! That gopher just needs to move on to greener pastures and leave your Sunflower alone!!!!!!!!

    What a fantastic pic!!!!!!!!! Look at those gorgeous eyes!!!!!!

    We love ya guys....have a really fine weekend. xxxxxxxxxx

    Please PURR for us that they really do fix our air conditioner's been a long week in this heat and humidity!!!!!

  8. Raymond you looks shocked! What Great Big Eyes you has.
    I guess the goffer has to eats too... I not even knows what goffers eats?
    Good luck to Sunflowerzilla!
    Have a great weekend boys.

  9. Raymond those were some gigantic eyes! That must've been some gopher!
    Well we hope he didn't eat too much of the sunflower.

    Happy Friday

  10. Raymond, your eyes are so very, very wonderful!

  11. Ears! Eyes! Raymond, you NEED to go out and "take care" of that gopher!

    We had a problem with groundhogs and Mommy putted some of our poops down the groundhog's's sorta gross but they up and moved to the next yard. It's worth a you have any cat poops? We could send you some...

  12. Love your silly, adorable facial expression, Ray and those frootbats are impressive too!...Sorry about the gopher intruder, can your Moms scare them away after you alert them?...We've never seen a gopher and don't know too much about them; glad you are indoors and safe from them though...Happy weekend sweet friends, kisses and hugs x3=to your Moms too!..Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Bummer that you can't go out and take care of that gopher yourself, Raymond. :-(

  14. Pawsome froot bats, dood!

    Your pal,


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