Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Garden Report with Raymond AND Busby

Hello friends! We're presenting the Thursday Garden Report together this week. If you squint you can see us looking out onto our garden. (great photo Mom, duhr!)
One of the backyard Cosmos finally bloomed! Mom had planted this one from seed about six weeks ago, and it is finally blooming. We like these a lot!

Here's a shot of the Marigolds. The pink Petunias are taking over everything, including the pretty blue Lobelia. Mom had no idea when she planted them that they would swallow up everything in their path.

Our closing shot today is of the Sunflower that the birds planted. It is getting bigger and bigger. We're excited about it blooming because we have no idea what it will look like. Orangey? Yellow? It's going to be a fun surprise.

We hope you enjoyed this week's garden report. Don't forget to visit the other gardening cats (and dogs) around the blogosphere today. xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. We loved your garden tour, guys! The Cosmos is especially pretty! And we're looking forward to seeing the sunflower, too! :-)

  2. The PM loves Comsos. Yours looks so pretty!

  3. You guys have such a pretty garden! We like the picture of you two looking out. You both look a little surprised!

  4. Great report guys! We just love cosmos. Mom planted some years ago and it kept coming back, but it's gone now. I think we need to get mom to plant it again!

  5. Wow, that is a cool shot of the two of you. We wish we could garden but we watch our Mom from the window too. Your plants are very pretty.

    ~ The Purr Gang ^,,^
    (Big Al .. I'm in the den with Mom today .. watching bird tv)

  6. Pretty flowers, and I also like the afghan you are both resting on.

  7. What a lovely view you have from your window. Most enjoyable!

  8. We have pink petoonies, too!!

    Your friend

  9. What fun to see both of you today! Your Mom's flowers are pretty.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. What a lovely report of your beautiful garden, and yes we see you both quite clearly in that lovely window.


  11. We enjoyed the pretty flowers, and of course, enjoyed the pic of the two of you together. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Those are beautiful flowers you guys are growing. Petunias love to spread, for sure! Looking forward to seeing the sunflower too!

  13. I didn't know that birds planted sunflowers! So that must have been where ours came from - my human was mystified when it started growing in the backyard.

  14. Hi Guys!
    Our company has gone and we are back to blogging! Hurrah!
    We like that you are sharing the blog after having a nice "talk".
    heh heh
    Your garden is great...Cosmos are such nice perennials.

    Mommy says pinch back the petunias, or they will get leggy. Whatever THAT is!

  15. Nice garden, guys! We have cosmos, too ... aren't they beautiful?


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