Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tongue on Tuesday-Special Guest Edition

This is Pluma Morris. She's our friend Teri's doggie. She likes our Mom (A LOT) and gets very excited when she sees her. She also gets very licky.

Nice tongue action there, Pluma!

WE haven't met Pluma yet. We're curious about the woofies that we see walking past our front window, we're just not sure HOW curious we are.
Happy Tuesday friends! xoxo, Raymond, Busby and Pluma


  1. Woofies are cute, but they usually cannot resist CHASING cats.

  2. We're not sure about doggies either, but this one looks like she's not too big and you two could probably handle her!

  3. She's a cutie! We think we might be scared of woofies if we met any close-up, but our human happily would let Pluma give her a lick. :-)

  4. Pluma is a beautiful woofie...We don't know any woofies either in real life, except for the ones we see sometimes at the vet and they scare us!(maybe we're just scared cause we're at the vet!)...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Cute Woofie!!!!!!!!!! We have a teeny weeny woofie (much smaller than either of us) that comes to visit once in a while with her mommy. She just sits and looks at us and lets us sniff her, etc.


  6. One time by cousing Annie (the Jack Russell terrier) came into my house and I attacked her. Yep all 7 lbs of me attacked a woofie weighin 21 lbs. She didn't ask my permission to come into MY house. So Momma grabbed me off of her back and put me in the big bedroom. I don't understand why I was punished. But Momma said I could get hurt ... I don't think so.
    I'm a mean lean fightin kitty machine.



  7. Errr...I'm not sure we'd want to meet a woofie. I don't think I've even ever seen one in real life!

  8. WOW~!!! She is a cutie! Looks very wiggly, by her blurry pics. We don't like dogs, but we like watching them through the window, if any come a visiting.

  9. We had a woofie come into our back yard once and we all ran inside! We think Pluma looks nice...over the innernets.

  10. Well she's kinda cute for a woofie! We like to watch the woofies from afar...we don't wanna get too close to them!

  11. Oh my goshhhhh, what a wonderful new friend. I think Pluma will be a great friend to watch!

    Have a fun day kitties!


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