Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Garden Stroll with Raymond and Busby

Hello friends! It's time for our weekly stroll through the garden. Thanks to our friend Jonesie, we are members of the Society of Feline Gardeners. YOU can join too if you go to her page. Alfie Marshall is the VP of the Feline Gardeners, he can help you join too! We've had some HOT weather this week. It was 101 degrees on Tuesday, which set a new record for our town. The little fig on our tree LOVED the heat! It seemed to grow overnight.
Since most of the plants in our garden are from seed packets, we weren't sure what we had. We THINK this is an Aster. (does anyone out there know for sure?)
The Borage continues to thrive and attract bees.
Here is another little surprise that sprang up. We think this is Red Clover. (Mom will keep the seed packets next year so she knows what she is planting. She planted two packets. One was a "Butterfly Mix" and the other was a "Hummingbird Mix".)
This Poppy was hiding amongst the Cosmos. We just found it today!
You can see why it would be easy to miss the Poppy in all these blooms!
This Larkspur was a surprise too! Mom was pleased to see it. The butterflies like it too.
The smaller Sunflower bloomed this week. It looks completely different than the mighty Sunflowerzilla.
Sunflowerzilla is turning into bird and squirrel food. It still towers over the garden even though it is starting to go to seed.
Thanks for visiting our garden today! We hope you visit all the other Feline Gardeners today too! xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. If the birds and squirrels are eating sunflowerzilla, does that mean your humans won't get to taste any of the seeds?

  2. You guys have done a great job on your lovely garden; we love all your pretty blooms...kisses, sweet boys...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. The flowers in yoor garden are realy beautiful! Yoo are great gardeners.

  4. Sunflowerzilla makes me laugh every time I see it.

  5. You guys sure has such a lovely garden! Sunflowerzilla is GINORMOUS!

  6. Well done! Your flowers are just gorgeous!

  7. I like your larkspur and your sunflowers.

  8. Your flowers are so pretty - that Larkspur is beautiful!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. Hey Guys! Your garden looks great; you've done such a good job, and everything is blooming so nicely. :)

  10. Oh we loved the stroll through your beautiful garden! We can't wait until we get another stroll.


  11. Does you eats the seeds or is them just fur the birdies and squirls?
    Your garden is fairing much better than ours. we is considering taking out the summer flowers and putting in the fall ones.
    We loves your picshurs- thanks for the stroll!

  12. Wow. I wonder why we can't have a garden.

    Oh yeah, my mom tends to have a black thumb.

  13. Wow! Your flowers are so pretty!!

    And we love your header picture! You two were the cutest!!

  14. Rats! The Island cats beat us to complimenting you new header...Mommy squeed big time at those baby froot bats!

    We think your garden is gorgeous. This time of year is Mommy's most favorite of all.

    pee ess: 106 today on the Catio! We are ready for Fall.

  15. that we've picked ourselve up off the floor after passing out over your header picture...sigh...we can enjoy your garden!

    Love the flowers, espcially sunflowerzilla. You know that we found tons of borage volunteering in our garden once we found out what it was on your bloggie?

  16. What lovely blooms.

    We thinks the aster may be a zinnia we aren't sure. Thanks for showing us the borage, we have been thinking about getting some. Now that we have seen it we knows we want some for sure.

    Yep, that is red clover. We are pretty good at clover as Grandpa used to plant it for his goats/sheep/honeybees.

  17. Your garden is awesome! Sunflowerzilla cracks us up.



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