Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Way Wordy Wednesday With Raymond

Hello friends! Check me out, I'm smiling 'cause my Moms are home from NYC.

Guess what? Our friends the Kool Kitty Krew and the Four Crazy Cats both gave us this award yesterday. Thanks gang! Now we have to list seven facts about ourselves, so here goes:

1) Our blogging Mom was born in Gary, Indiana. She lived there until 1972 (when she was 13) and then her family moved to a town called Crown Point, Indiana. She has lived in California for 22 years. (she's super old!)

2) Our Non-blogging Mom is a native Californian. She grew up in Irvine, back when it was all orchards and ranches. The house she grew up in is gone now and there is a freeway built on top of it.

3) Our blogging Mom loves to play golf. Last year she won the Santa Cruz City Amateur Tournament.

4) Our Non-blogging Mom is a public health nurse and works for the County of Santa Cruz. She works for the Homeless Persons Health Project and she loves her work.

5) We live in a very small house. In fact, it's what they call a "manufactured" home. It's very comfortable and even has a fireplace that ALL of us love. It's just a few blocks from Monterey Bay.

6) When they were in New York last week, our blogging Mom went to the City Clerk of NY and got a copy of her Grandparents marriage license so she could find out the name of her Italian Great Grandparents. (she never met her Grandfather, so she didn't know anything about his family.) Her Great Grandfather was Aniello Festa & Her Great Grandmother was Filomena Branca. They immigrated to America in the late 1800's and lived in Brooklyn.

7) Our non-blogging Mom's Mom (our Non-blogging Grandma?) is 91 years old and we are trying to get her to come and live closer to us. We can always use another lap to nap in, right?

I think this award has been around for awhile, but I am going to pass it along to five other bloggers anyway.

TK & Squashies

And we think anycat who wants to should go ahead and copy and paste the award to your blog and tell us seven facts about yourselves because you are ALL versatile bloggers in our opinion!

We had all ready written this post when we found out late last night that blogosphere legend Fat Eric had made his journey to the bridge. We join the rest of our friends in purring for Eric's family. Fly free Eric! xoxo, Raymond


  1. Concatulations on your well-deserved award! My human enjoyed finding out more about your humans!

  2. Congratulations on your award! We found it very interesting to learn more about your Moms!

  3. Thanks for nominating me for this award. very interesting to learn those background thing about your Moms' and their families.

    I is a sad thing about Fat Eric , but we are sure he is happy and pain free and healthy all over at the Bridge.

  4. Those were great facts and we loved learning more about your family. You can never have too many laps to nap in, so come on over Grandma!

  5. These are very interesting facts! We think it is cute that you distiguish your moms to us as "Blogging" and "NonBlogging".
    Thank you for giving us this reward, and for attending our Gotcha Party.

    We are very sad about Fat Eric too, our mommy was crying when she finds out. Poor Katie! We purrs.

  6. Glad you guys played along and you're very welcome!!! Loved learning more about your moms! And, we are sad today about fat Eric running off to The Bridge.

  7. Kudos on your award.......we enjoyed learning more about your moms.

    We didn't know Fat Eric, but we are very sad to hear he ran off to the bridge.


  8. Nice to see you smiling Ray, you are such a beautiful boy and I'm sure you mums missed you terribly while they were away!

    I enjoyed learning about your mums and think that you are all very lucky to live in sunny California that is warm all year round and by the water to boot!

    Thank you so much for thinking of me and my kitties and passing along the Versatile Blogger to us. The cats and I have both posted the seven cat-facts about ourselves this month, but if we can think of anything else to say we'll do it again.


  9. How fun to learn more about your Moms. Mommy has always wanted to learn how to golf...but she never has. We think having another lap around the house would be GREAT!

    We are sad for Fat Eric's family, too. Mommy got all teary when she read the news.

  10. Raymond
    That was a wonderful posting you did for your Moms.

    We are also very sad about Eric and Luxor ... Winnie and now Molly.

    It's been a tough day.



  11. Raymond, we like when you smile! We need some smiles today...

    And congrats on your award and thanks for sharing those things about you and your moms!

  12. Congratulations on the award; we really enjoyed learning more about your Moms!...Love the big smile on your face, Ray!...kisses beautiful friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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