Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hello friends! Welcome to the first garden stroll of September. The garden had it's ups and downs this week, as the season draws to a close. We had a few visitors too, as you can see!We have two pairs of Mourning Doves who are frequenting our feeder. They have to compete with the squirrels who like to eat all the sunflower seeds.
What the heck??? Yes, this CAT has been hanging out with Porcini, our garden pig. We don't know this cat so we STARE at it through the window screen and it stares back. Our Mom tries to talk sweetly too him/her but hasn't gotten very far with introductions yet.
The Borage continues to attract bees and butterflies and...

GOPHERS! Yes, this was the scene yesterday afternoon. We were hoping the visitor cat would do something about that pesky gopher.
The pink Petunias have taken over nearly a third of the garden. Mom may do some cutting back this weekend.

Our Arabian Nights Petunias (Home Depot's name for them) are doing well. We love these colors.
The smaller (normal sized?) Sunflower has gotten a bit droopy. This maybe due to the gopher too, or it may just be ready to go to seed. If it falls over in the next couple days we'll know for sure!
Last but not least, SUNFLOWERZILLA! It is going to have oodles of seeds. Many of you has asked if our Moms will eat the seeds. Probably not. Some will be saved for planting next year. The rest will be for the birds.

Have a lovely Thursday friends and thanks for visiting our humble little garden by the sea.
xoxo, Raymond


  1. I don't know what is more annoying - the gopher, or the intruder cat for not hunting it down! If it is going to intrude, that cat may as well make him/herself useful!

    I dunno about the normal-sized sunflower. I'm afraid from the looks of it that it may be a gopher-goner.

  2. Boys, we LOVE yoor garden. And that giant sunflower is AWESOME. How great to be able to save the seeds and plant each year!

  3. The petunias are so pretty. And the giant sunflower is pawsome. I think we are going to plant some next year.

  4. Your visitor kitty is very cute. We have mourning doves around here, too. They are always going "hooo-hooo-hoooooooo!"

  5. We are sending Sweet Pea over to help you two take care of that pesky gopher. What she lacks in experience, she more than makes up for in enthusiasm.

  6. Your garden still looks great, whereas ours is mostly dead now (except the ivies). It's been too hot, everything bloomed early and now is fried from the heat.

    The kitty visitor is a cutie, and apparently well fed, so we assume s/he has a home.

    And sunflowerzilla is just awesome. We don't think we've ever seen one so huge! Should be great to have more next year! :-)

  7. Figaro wants to join forces with Sweet Pea to go after that gopher...he too is VERY enthusiastic in EVERYTHING he does...sigh.

    Your introoder kitty is very cute!

    That's very nice of your moms not to eat the sunflowerzilla seeds and leave them for the birdies.

  8. You certainly have an amazing lot of interesting goings-on in your garden, boys.

  9. You guys have so much action in your garden, it's always so quiet at our house!

    I really like the cooing that mourning doves is such a summer sound :-)

  10. Wow! That garden of yours in beautiful and amazing. We really love the Sunflowerzilla!

  11. We always enjoy your lovely garden tours; sunflowerzilla is awesome...We hope your intruder kitty takes care of your gopher problem eventually=maybe you guys could become friends with him?...kisses, handsome boys...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Oh wow, your visitor is quite cute!!

  13. Wow you've had a lot of activity this week in the garden, haven't you? Those petunias are so pretty! And that sunflower was fabulous, maybe next year you'll have a entire garden of sunflowers! And you did have a furry cute friend drop by!


  14. Your introoder kitty is quite handsome! we wonder where he lives?
    Mommy went ape over your petunias. She loves those. And Sunflowerzilla...that thing is a MUTANT!

    pee ess: do you guys root for the Chargers or the 49ers? Mommy is watching the preseason game right now, she's hoping the 49ers win!


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