Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Garden Stroll

Oh hello friends! I was just hanging out here on our cat tree waiting to take you on today's garden stroll. The garden is starting to wind down a bit as the days get shorter. But there are still some lovely things happening out there!We're delighted that this Nasturtium turned out to be the dark orange color that it is. Mom had it in a hanging basket last year but it was the usual orange color It dropped some seeds in our carport next to our neighbor's retaining wall. We like it!
The GOPHER has eaten two or three of the Borage plants, but there are still a couple left in the garden. We can see why another name for them is Star Flower!
The Cosmos continue to thrive. In fact, we have several plants that haven't even begun to bloom yet.
Mom never did get around to trimming the pink Petunias. Maybe tomorrow...
More Lupine is blooming! We like these a lot.
We have Poppies blooming! Mom threw seeds all over the place and now we have surprise plants coming up everywhere. It's fun!
The pink flowers way in the back of this photo (behind the Zinnias and the Batchelor Buttons) are VALERIAN!!! It grows like a weed here in this part of California. Mom needs to read up on how to harvest and dry the roots for us.
Check out these Cosmos! They are as tall as SUNFLOWERZILLA! They have buds on them and hopefully will bloom for next week's garden post.
Last but certainly not least, SUNFLOWERZILLA!! Ready to move on to her next phase, providing food for the birds and the squirrels, and also some seeds to plant in next year's garden.
We hope you enjoyed today's garden stroll. Don't forget to visit our other gardening friends and fellow members of the Society of Feline Gardeners!

xoxo, Raymond and Busby ps-we reached 100 followers yesterday! Thanks to all of you who come by and visit our blog!


  1. Hmmm... all these gardens, and I'm yet to see a tuna tree...

  2. You have some beautiful flowers in your garden!

  3. Jonesie is on the internets googling to see if she can figure out a way to grow a tuna tree...

    We love all of your flowers. Enjoy the last days of summer my furriends!

  4. Paws up on the valerian! That's what I would get the most excited about!

  5. Wow, your garden is wonderful! Ours is mostly dead, but yours looks terrific, in your warmer climate! We love that nasturtium in particular!

  6. Great garden tour, handsome Ray, your blooms are lovely...Thank you for the Saints support; we are proud of our home team and hope they have another good year=our Mom is very excited for football season again!...Kisses to you beautiful boys, hugs to your Moms...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Excellent post today!! It has been so much fun watching the evolution of sunflowerzilla this summer!

  8. You have such a nice yard. Love the colors ...

  9. We adore the lupine, but the whole garden is just lovely. We had Mommy planting some stuff yesterday and tomorrow she is going in search of purple flowers and some vines.

  10. The flowers are lovely, Ray, but that photo of YOU is outstanding!!!

  11. A tuna tree? Can yoo grow Tuna trees? How awesome!

    Yoor flowers are really beautiful today! And yoo are handsome!

  12. I too like the colour of your Nasturtium, I have only seen orange and yellow before, not the deep red!

  13. Oh we loved the tour of your late summer garden. It is ever so lovely!


  14. Wow! There's still lots of good stuff in your garden!

  15. If I had all these lovely flowers, I cud hide when my carrier is in the hall. if I cud get out. I keep trying.....Kassey ps. cute hound dog


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