Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hello friends! Welcome to our Thursday Garden stroll! We're proud members of the Society of Feline Gardeners. Today is the last day of September, and our garden is starting to get very sleepy. 
Currently we have some GINORMOUS Cosmos. We can't believe how tall they have gotten. (no, that isn't Sunflowerzilla, that is the smaller Sunflower.)
The purple-y Cosmos are our favorites, but we also have some white ones. 
The butterflies seem to really like the white Cosmos the best. 
In the front yard we have this Pineapple Sage. (Sage is another name for the Saliva family of plants.) They call this a Pineapple Sage because the leaves smell just like pineapples! This is one of the hummingbirds favorite plants. 
This beautiful Saliva is called a Forsythia Salvia. In the Midwest where our Mom is originally from, they have a plant called a Forsythia Bush that blooms in the Spring. We can't grow those here where we live in California, so our Mom found this Forsythia Saliva that mimics the blooms of the Forsythia Bush. It blooms in the Fall, as you can see. It makes Mom a little homesick for Indiana. (until it starts snowing there and it's 70 degrees here, then she isn't homesick anymore!)
Thanks for taking the garden stroll with us today friends! Don't forget to visit all the other Feline Gardeners who are writing about their gardens today.

We are sure having some issues with the new blogger publishing tool. Our fonts keep changing on us. The pictures are running over the sides of our blog. It's more difficult than the old blogger. We'll stop complaining soon, but it's bugging the heck out of us. So sorry if our post today looks sloppy.

And a special Happy Birthday shout out to our Mom's sister Christine! We love you! xoxo, Raymond


  1. Hi boys!

    Yoo have some awesome flowers in yoor garden ~ fanks for sharing.

    Happy Birthday to Christine too!

  2. those flowers are stunners. We want Cosmos in our garden and will report this to Mrs H. Love Darcy and Bingley

  3. My mum will help you with your blog if you need it. Your garden is still looking lovely.

  4. We used to have cosmos in our garden, but we don't anymore. It's so lovely that we'll have to remember to paw whap mom next year to remind her to buy us some seeds.

    We think it's funny that the snow falling cures your mom's homesickness!

  5. Our little garden is getting sleepy too. Mom will take pictures of our sunflowers, planted by the birds, for next week. And our Cosmos are taller than MOM!!! They're HUGE! We love your garden every week!

  6. You still have some pretty flowers in your garden evn though it is the end of September. We have our impatiens boxes still looking nice but no flowers in the main garden.

    We did have actual forsythia in the spring - we have several big wild-style bushes of it.

    I haven't tried the new blogger yet. I am reluctant.

  7. MEOWZA!!!!!!!!!! Look at those gorgeous Cosmos!!!!!!!!!


  8. We has a Forsythia Bush it is one of our Mom's favorites as it is the first thing to bloom here in the spring, so we understand why your Mom misses having them. We loves our pineapple sage. Grandpa was amused when Mommy told him it moved from where she planted it. Well it did, she planted it in the corner of our flowerbed last year and when it came up this year it has moved to the middle.

  9. Our #1 says that Cosmos are among her favourite flowers! As for Forsythia, we have several large bushes of it here and love it when it is the first thing to bloom in the spring!

    Too bad about the new Blogger. We hear that the old one, which we still use, might be disappearing soon...

  10. Yes, it's true. Old blogger is supposed to be going away. That's why we thought getting used to new blogger now would be a good idea. (ha ha!)

  11. Love seeing the beautiful flowers...I'm impressed you know the names of them! I am the worst when it comes to that :)

    We still use the old version of blogger too...guess one day we'll make the leap to the new version. Not looking forward to it. Maybe the kinks will be worked out by then.

    Happy Birthday Christine!

  12. Greetings Raymond and Busby,

    What a beautiful garden you have to explore and play in. Dad wants to take part of Thursday Garden adventures real soon, but first he still needs to become a member.

    AS for assistant with Blogger, dad says you can write him via our email address on your email notification for comments.

    He is strongly suggesting going back to a traditional template, the Minna version set for fixed width with sidebar on the left side. Let him know if you would like for him to give you a call to sort out what to do next.

    Oh and yes, is it not nice that temperatures have returned to normal again?

    Warmest regards,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  13. Your flowers are so pretty!! We has the forsythia bush. It's so pretty when it blooms but it only lasts until early summer. Not long enough!

  14. Meowza Sexie Boys! Ms. Stella here; in MY yard we grow plumeria's like mad. That Woman says it's cos they make nice shady places for all us to lie under when we sit outside with her on Sunday mornings (after her walk). SHE has killed more *cosmopolitans than even I can remember She likes them and every year tries to grow them but the bugs like them more! I wont' tell you all the nasty things she says when all that's left is sticks. IT makes me MEOW OUT LOUD! !(*not the kind you drink, tho she's had her fair share of those too!)

  15. Preciso da vossa ajuda
    Na campanha do aconchego
    Vão lá ao meu blog

  16. MOL!!! We call it the Orange Curtain here too!!! Glad you have fog & nice cool weather! I would adore living near the sea!

  17. Ray & Busby
    YOU still have a beautiful garden and we like the new look of your blog. We've been offline cuz our ISP knocked us off and we're still waiting to see if we lose it again. But Blogger always has some issues...


  18. Gee Ray, your garden still looks marvelous!!!!!
    You look marvelous too ;) heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie


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