Sunday, October 24, 2010

Easy Sunday with Ray

Hi friends! It's rainy and chilly here. On days like these, I like to get up on Mom's lap and wrap myself around her hand and take a nap. I can use my tail almost like a monkey does! (No, I don't mean a Monkey like Samson & Delilah & Bella and Sweet Pea!)

Good news about my labs, everything came back normal. So my little "problem" is behavioral, not physical. My Mom's have started me on Rescue Remedy (the Feliway doesn't seem to be working for me). They are also probably going to get a third litter box (we have two) and putting it in one of our bathrooms. Our boxes are currently in the laundry room, so Mom is thinking maybe it's too noisy in there sometimes. My non-blog Mom was home ALL day today, her sister was in town and spent time with Grandma, so that helped my mood too!

Thanks to all of our friends for their suggestions and purrs and words of support. I haven't peed anywhere except the box in the past three days! Life is good!

Happy Sunday! xoxo, Raymond


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  2. That's great,l Raymond, Extra litter box !
    I got 3 too, Two litter boxes is in the study room. Because my laundry room is super noisy and my extra one is human bath tube : )


    Raymond the first comment, it was mine but I just don't like to use mom's account so I have to delete it.

  3. I only have one litter box. I probably need another one too.

  4. Well, now you have no excuses, my friend. Hope that the remedy works.


  5. That sure is good news, keep up the comfy Ray!

  6. Ray, that sounds like progress. Mom also read that cats don't like to soil where they eat, so maybe if the Moms feed you on the guest bed ........

    Yeah, I didn't think that would go over too well.

  7. Pee Ess: You mentioned earlier that you had changed litter type, no longer using clay liter. Maybe Ray has something against the new litter. Mom and dad switched me over to Wheat litter, and I was fine with it, but they felt it smelled and tracked more than the clay kind. They switched back after they went on vacation and my pet sitter didn't have the good skillz to work with the softer clumps of the wheat litter, so my box was pretty stinky when they got home.

  8. Ray,it's so good to know it's only behavioral. During the day, when I use my litter box, I come tell Mom and then she cleans it..unless I peed then she waits for it to clump........Kassey

  9. Sir Peabody: Excellent news! We have boxes in four locations to help everyone feel "at ease". May Ling was getting bullied by Sweet Pea for a while, so she had an escort (Daddy) to the box several times a day until she felt safe there again.
    Per Simba's comment: a few treats on the bed might be a good idea! Maui was spritzing the drapes in the bedroom so Mommy moved the food station over there...voila! more spritz.

  10. YAY, Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're happy to hear you got a clean bill of health!!!!!!!!!!!

    Andy is very fussy about his litter box, too, Ray. And the type of litter is a major thing to him.

    Have a great Sunday. xxxxxx

  11. We're so glad your lab tests came back normal!!YAY!!...Good luck with the new litter box, we hope it helps...Thanks so much for coming to our party, we had a fun time with you handsome boys there...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Glad to hear your labs are good! Always makes That Woman feel better when she hears that news but consequently makes her give me 'The Look' like somehow it's all MY fault... I gently remind her that more litterboxes are better with multiple cats as we are SO very territorial and we prefer one box per cat. (That Yowling Mancat has TWO all to Hisself!) But he stopped peeing on The Gurls bed after the second one was installed.
    And! You are very handsome indeed!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  13. Glad to hear your lab work came back clear, Ray.

    If you'd like #1 to send you some Zylkene when she gets home, please let us know!

  14. Raymond you looks so blissed out on your mum's lap...I love the tail wrap!

    I switched my boys over to corn litter but I did it slowly mixing the two together then adding more and more of the new stuff. Maybe put a little of the old kind back into the litter for a while?

  15. That's a relief that your problem is not physical. It sounds like your humans are doing the right things for you, and so far it sounds like it is working. Keep us posted on what is working for you!

  16. Snuggles with Mom are the best!!!!!!!
    We hope you enjoy yours Ray,especially now that you are OK physically :)
    Here's to an extra box ;) heeee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  17. Oh Ray! That's good news about you using your box!! We think having an extra box will help. Keep up the good work!!

  18. Woohoo that is great news! I simply refuse to use my box. I like to explore the outdoors and leave presents in neighbourhood gardens muhahaha

    I love my snuggles with Mum too



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