Sunday, October 3, 2010

Easy Sunday

Hello friends! It's been an exhausting weekend for our humans. Poor things. They have been very busy getting our Grandmother settled into her new home. Meanwhile, Busby and I are holding down the fort here at our house.

See me holding down the fort? This is how I do it. I literally hold down the fort by sleeping on it.

Meanwhile, Busby has been hitting his sock full of Valerian pretty hard all weekend. I think I may have to call the A&E channel and talk to those "Intervention" people!

Do you think they have a place for cats who are hooked on Valerian to recover? Perhaps some 12-paw meetings? 


We hope you are having a nice easy Sunday at your house!

xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. Raymond, I am glad you are working so hard holding down the fort (literally!) because it sounds like Busby has been pretty useless all weekend. Make sure you let your humans know that YOU did ALL the work!

  2. So, Ray, you don't do Valerian at all, then?

    We think Busby looks very pleasantly chilled in that photo....

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Busby looks TOTALLY chilled, man. Raymond, your fort holding down skills are important. We are sure the Moms appreciate that you do it so well.

    We hope things go well now that Grandmother is moved in.

  4. A 12 paw program? I don't think anyone would attend the meetings...I mean what cat would give up nip or valerian? I say go for it!

  5. What would your mum's doo without you boys to keep everything in order for them? I hope all of you have a relaxing Sunday :-)

  6. MOL! Baked Busby! We like the Valerian, too.
    Raymond, you guys have to be EXTRA nice to your Moms...the feetsball doesn't look too promising today.

  7. Busby looks like he knows how to have an Easy Sunday!

  8. Nice work Raymond. Busby, you crack me up. To be honest, as a kitty from the southern hemisphere, I had no idea what Valerian is... thankfully I know how to google and it all made sense :-P

    Peace out,
    Oscar The Cat


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