Monday, October 11, 2010

Mancat Monday (True Confessions)

Hi friends. A REAL MANCAT is not ashamed to share personal information with friends, even if it could be a bit embarrassing.
 So here goes. I have been peeing on my Moms bed. Yep. It's true. About once every few days, I pee on the exact same spot on the bed. It's not medical. I've been checked out.
 I'm marking my territory.
I'm telling that stupid cat that walks through our yard
that these are MY MOMS.
Some people say it with words, cats say it with pee pee.

My Moms have done some research, and another reason for my wet and wild indiscretion maybe that there are some changes here at our house. Now that Grandma is living near by, my Moms are spending a lot of time with her and are not home as often. They are also a bit more stressed, which I maybe picking up on.
So, my Moms got a Feliway diffuser. I think it's called "Comfort Zone".  They put it in the bedroom where I have been marking my territory. Hopefully the happy pheromones will help me mellow out and realize that my Moms DO belong to me, without me wasting my pee by marking their bed.

Ironically, don't you think this looks a bit like a toliet?

Do any of you have Feliway experience? Has it worked for you? I won't wear a collar, so a "calming collar" is out of the question. I appreciated your insight! Thanks friends!

xo, Raymond aka Mister Peabody


  1. Hi Raymond, we're sorry to hear that you've been stressed and peeing on your Mum's bed!
    We hope the Feliway works for you. We absolutely love Feliway, it always works for us, luckily Mummy remembered to pack it for our move from Australia to Malaysia and she Feliway-ed the whole house before we moved in. And also, she sprays our brand new toys or beds with it, otherwise we would not touch it with a ten-foot-pole!
    So, good luck to you handsome furriend!
    Purrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  2. Hi Raymond,

    Oh mu god, I wish we could help but dad's previous felines have not done this nor have I so we are unable to assist your mum. We do hope that the situation resolves itself and everyone can be happy again.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  3. Feliway is nice and mellow-y, so you may find yourself getting even cuddlier than usual with Busby. But you're quite right - you don't want to waste any of your valuable pee on stuff like stupid outside cats.

    No matter how much the diffuser looks like a toiler to you, we don't advise peeing on it.

  4. My only experience with Feliway was when my humans stole me from my brother and sisters and took me from Temecula to Los Angeles (my human swears I was NOT stolen, but I think that is a matter of opinion). She sprayed that Feliway stuff all over the carrier I was in, but I have to tell you, I was so freaked out it did not do a bit of good! I hope it works better for you.

    Honestly? I think your humans should figure out how to discourage that intruder cat from tresspassing. If they figure out how to keep him from coming around, that might help a lot.

  5. Oh no, that's not a good thing. We hope the Feliway works.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. We hope that works for you, Raymond! Our human used the Feliway diffuser for 2 or 3 months when Nicki first came, because Annie was so nasty, but it didn't work for her. (Big surprise. Not.)

    There probably are other things to try too, like Bach's Rescue Remedy.

    But we're crossing our paws the Feliway does the trick!

  7. Hi Raymond,

    Try not to worry cos we are sure yoor mom still loves yoo ~ and yoo will feel better soon. We had Felliway once when Alfie arrived ~ and it helped me accept him as my brofur.

    Love Milo xx

  8. I've never tried it. My brother poo-face Salvador used to poop in dad's wardrobe but he was old and sick and demented.

  9. Oh Raymond, we're sorry that the neighbor cat is causing you some problems! We have Feliway all over our house...we actually have 6 of those toilet looking things plugged in all over our house. We think it helps to keep us all calm and we sure hope it works for you too.

  10. Raymond, when Maggie May was marking her territory it was because of changes in our home. Mom changed the litter box back to her old box and changed her litter to Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter from PetSmart. No inappropriate peeing since! Maybe your moms could try that litter for you? Good luck!!! Oh we've got feliway too in Gretchen's room.

  11. My Mommeh tried Feliway for a while when I was extra-stressed out from the Harley Quinn. You could also get Feliway spray, and maybe spray it on the bed?

  12. It's not embarrassing...I have pee problems too sometimes! My Mom tried Feliway and it didn't work for me, but she used Bach's Rescue Remedy in my water, changed the location of my litter box and removed the lid (I'm a big boy) and just recently bought me a cat DVD that plays all day when she's out at work (lots of birdies and string games). So far things seem to be working...


  13. Raymond, we love Feliway at our house. Tanner is a stress pee-er too, and I plug in the difuser in the trouble corner and it helps him a lot.

  14. I don't know about Feliway, but maybe extra litterbox(es) and extra clean litterboxes would be a good idea. Have your Moms been able to get all the smell (according to YOUR nose) of your pee out of the bed cover, mattress etc? Because if not, that would encourage you to go back there. I once peed AND pooped on a brand new comforter and bed that my parents got for the guest room, and a new male guest stayed here. Either I didn't like him, or was stressed, or something with the new smells was going on. Anyway, to be safe, that room is now off limits for me. And that is even after they washed the comforter three times!

  15. Oh, Ray, we are so sad to hear you are stressed. We know your moms love you, and we are purring that things will settle down soon.


  16. Simba, we have two litter boxes that get scooped two or three times a day, plus they are washed at least twice a month, so it's not that. But our boxes are both covered, so Mom has uncovered one of them to see if it helps.

    The bed (ever since the first time I peed on it) has been covered with a plastic liner that gets taken off at bed time each night. And also sprayed with Nature's Miracle. But my Moms are thinking new mattress. Maybe closing me out of the room is a good idea, but they hate to stress me further by doing that. It's a process!

    We appreciate all the feed back, keep it coming!

  17. Raymond, Scouty used to pee on the bed. Daddy thinks it was his way of staking out his territory. They got a new was time for one, anyway.
    We have had Feliway plug ins at our house and your Mom's might try the spray on and around the bed to calm you. It helps when Maui gets a little "Tommy" and sprays.
    Is there some way to block your line of sight to the introoder kitty? You know, if you can't see him he's not there.
    Other than that, we recommend TONS of loving and as much of a regular schedule that your Moms can manage. Good luck!

  18. We think it is very manly and brave of you to tell it like it is. After all, stress is stress and is bad for the system.

    In Europe, there is a product called Zylkene, which is a milk derivative, and works really well to relieve stress in dogs and cats. Not sure if it's available in the Sates, though...

  19. Thankfully, we have not had the peeing experience, but Mom did use Feliway when she brought Sukki home in 2008 and she got some more for the garage when she moved Mommy Cat/Daddy Cat 2 weeks ago...We hope they work; all the girls occasionally fight (Calle is the alpha cat, Halle is the serious fighter and Sukki can instigate it!), but Sukki's transition into our family was relatively easy...MC/DC seem to be adjusting to their new environment as well...Best of luck Ray=your Moms love you very much and we hope you start using the litter box all the time again=that would really help them out!...Happy week, sweet friends...kisses...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. Nothing beats peeing on something the people like when you're annoyed with them. I usually stick to things like the bathroom rug or laundry, but who knows, maybe the bed will be next!

  21. Raymond, I understand stress, but I just puke sometimes where only I can reach. Then Mom has to move furniture to get to it. I hope you get to feeling more secure....Kassey

  22. Raymond
    I still pee on stuff. But luckily it 99% the same spot and Mom tried everything and finally just bought pee pads (AKA as training pads) and she puts those down for me to use. I like to pee on top of the small throw rug which gets washed and washed and washed.


  23. Raymond,
    I just do in the human bathtub...Huge Space !
    : ) Puddy

  24. We use the comfort zone stuff at our house, too (ever since EG started attacking Titus). They do seem to help, but it's pretty subtle. The behaviorist said to make sure to change the refills on schedule (Mama gets them from Amazon - they're way cheaper than at the store) and that the plug in part needs to be replaced every 6 months. Dr D also said to use the spray (also cheaper on Amazon) on stuff that EG hangs around on. She said you can spray it right on stuff, or spray in on a cotton ball and rub it on (Mama puts it on a couple of corners that he rubs a lot). Dr D also told Mama that she could "collect" EG's own cheek stink by rubbing a cotton ball on his cheeks and then rubbing it on stuff, but Mama laffed and laffed and laffed at that idea. MOL. We're sending you all kinds of don't-pee-on-the-bed vibes. Hopefully, you'll feel lots better soon so you won't have to mark your territory.


  25. I use the Feliway plug-ins here. My guys all get along well, so I don't really know if it works or not but figured it couldn't hurt. I also used to spray Nature's Way herbal calming spray in Molly's basket which helped her a little I think.

    I hope you get things sorted out and don't have to ban the kitties from you bedroom, I think that might do more harm than good!

  26. I peed in the bathtub when Oliver was here because I didn't want him following me to the litter box...the nerve of that little woofie!

    When our guardian angel Michelangelo ::bows head:: was peeing by mom's computer it was because an introoder male cat was walking by the window where he could see him. Mom blocked the view with paper taped to the window and the peeing stopped.

  27. I know you are upset with mom spending time away from you, but I am not sure the pee strategy is going to endear her. I hope that plugged in potty thing works out.



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