Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday (Not) Strolling

What Mom? You were sitting here? Really? You got up and we didn't think you were coming back so we just made ourselves comfortable in your warm butt spot.
Really, we don't know why you are so surprised.
It's the time of year when we need to be in the warmest spot we can find.

Friends, our garden looks so raggedy that we just couldn't post photos of it,
it's just too ugly. Seems as though Autumn has taken hold here in California. We will keep you posted as we prepare to Winterize our garden beds.
We plant "green manure" each Fall, and in
November we will plant our Sweet Peas so that they bloom by Easter.

Happy Thursday! xoxo, Raymond and Busby, coming to you from the warm butt spot!


  1. LOL..Thank you to inform, Butt spot : )

  2. Tommy likes that particular spot too...he spends more time getting kicked out of the chair than he spends in it.

  3. That's the best seat in the house! :)

  4. What a handsome foto of you Bus and Ray. You could always tell your mom you were just keeping it warm for her!!!!!!!!

    It's cool enough here today that we have our windows open.....yah, yah, YAH!!!!!!!!!

  5. You boys are the cutest cats who say the cutest things about yourselves and about your mom! Thank you for becoming my newest follower! I am your newest follower too! I hope you know that I have 2 man cats too...Henry and Buster....and they share the blog with me and their dog sister, Daisy, from time to time.
    If you want me to put you in next THANKFUL FUR 3 THURSDAY'S spotlight as one of our 3 newest friends please let me know! And please tell me which picture you want me to feature! Thanks!

  6. We love the term WARM BUTT SPOT!!
    Have a great Thursday!
    (Its Friday here now!)

  7. I never understand why people get a bit annoyed when you hop into the chair they were sitting in. They left.......

  8. Never heard that before, I'll have to remember to let Mom warm a spot for me.....Happy Thursday......Kassey

  9. You guys are so cute hanging out there together. I CERTAINLY hope your human did not have the nerve to move you once she snapped the photo.

  10. Ha! Russell and I do that all the time but my mom makes us leave. At least she thanks us for keeping her seat warm!

  11. Haha!! Ray and Busby, tell your mom if she moves she loses!!

    Our garden is covered in leaves now...soon it will be covered with snow...we'll take the leaves....

  12. Ray and Busby
    We have the exact opposite problem.
    Mom likes to take the spot we have made warm!

    time for all gardens to go to bed for fall.


  13. We all liked your warm butt spot...way cool!

  14. Hi you two! We are down in in S Cali. Its been a bit here chilly too. But I guess we Californians cant complain as we do have great weather all year round. Wouldnt you agree?

    Hugs & smoochies! XOXO

  15. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Warm butt spots!!!!
    We like those too :) heehee
    We have had frost some nights so our garden is really looking bad ;)
    Oh yeah, we need to send you an e-mail! We'll get Mom on that soon :)(she is lazy)

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  16. As you saw, no garden post from me either, today. You boys look comfy cozy there!

  17. A warm butt spot is a very sensible place to spend a day!

  18. One Cat for each cheek dent.


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