Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Stroll in Santa Cruz County

Hello friends! I wanted to tell you that I saw my Vet late last week and the results of my tests revealed that my pee pee's pH is on the high side. That may explain why I am using a location that is NOT the cat box once in awhile. So my Moms have started me on Carpon, which is a cranberry based supplement that should help bring my pH down. 

*whew!* Now let's move on to the great outdoors. Today we are going to stroll in the county we live in, Santa Cruz county. We only have ONE photo from our own garden this week, but we have a few other shots that you may enjoy!

Check out this beautiful Ginko tree! It grows on a street not too far from our house. Mom took this shot on Monday. Since then we have had some wind and rain and now the golden leaves have all fallen off the tree. Mom was glad she got this photo when she did. 

Saturday when my Moms went to the farmers market, a vendor was selling hanging baskets of Poinsettias! Aren't they incredible? We've never seen them in hanging baskets before. 
This past Wednesday Mom had to go to her dentist up in Boulder Creek, CA. Boulder Creek is about 25 miles from our house, up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Check out these beautiful Redwood trees just outside the dentist's office. 

Last but not least, here is a photo from our own garden. The English Bells are doing well, although the snails are eating the blossoms almost as soon as they bloom. We are in for a big storm system here starting Friday, so we think the snails may be washed out soon. 

Thanks for strolling around Santa Cruz County with me today! Don't forget to visit the other feline gardeners. Our friend Jonesie will have a list of links to other Society members on her blog today, just below her post. 

Have a great day everyone! xoxo, Raymond


  1. I hope the cranberry stuff sorts things out for you, Raymond. So fruit IS good for something - who knew?

    We will be getting the same storm! But I will have the petsitter here, as my human has decided she would rather see some dumb shows her boyfriend is playing than stay home and cater to me - feh! I hear it is cold and snowing there - serves her right.

  2. Raymond, we hope yoo feel tons better soon. Purrs.

    We LOVE yoor tree/plant pics today. They are all awesome. We are expecially thrilled that yoo have some English Bells ~ 'cos we are English! And the Redwood trees are magnificent.

  3. Sorry about the whole pee pee imbalance thing. My Beautiful Raja had that and had to eat special kibbles which tasted like crap. Ick. Feel better.


  4. Those redwood trees are beautiful!

  5. We hope the cranberry helps! Do you eat a lot of beef stinky goodness? The mom thinks beef is high in phosphorous, so IF you eat a lot you might want to switch to another protein or at least cut back.

    We loved your photos! The redwood trees are amazing. And there is a ginko tree on mom's campus; she saw it for the first time this past summer. It has a little plaque saying what it is, otherwise the mom wouldn't have had a clue.

  6. The trees and the poinsettia plants are beautiful! And the English Bells! Stay warm and dry. We had a freeze last night and hope the coming storm will at least warm things up.

    Good luck with the cranberry supplement, Raymond. Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  7. Fantastic pix....our mama went totally "bonkers" over the poinsettias....they are one of her all time favs, but she can't have real ones as they are poisonous to us......her loves and main squeezes.

    Ray, we are purraying that the Carbon works for you....and we LOVE that shot of you!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all of you.

  8. We hope the cranberry helps you, Raymond. Mom said she'd keep that info handy for me. We really like the hanging baskets and the redwoods.

  9. glad you will be starting to feels a little bit betters. what wunnerful shots of nature!

  10. We hope the Carpon does the trick, Ray!

    #1 says that Ginko trees are her absolute favourite. In Japan, they are often found in temple courtyards.

    The Chans

  11. Some incredible photos there, Raymond. Those poinsettias are gorgeous!

    Good luck with the Carpon.

  12. I'm glad your tests answered the mystery! That sure is a beautiful place, those big trees are something!

  13. Hiya boys~!!! Sorry we haven't been around's been busy!

  14. Ray, we hope that fixes your problems :)
    We enjoyed your pics this week,especially the big trees!!!!!!!!
    Have a fun day :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  15. Ray
    We loved the stroll and oh my what lovely pictures of the different areas around Santa Cruz!
    Thank you so much for sharing those with us.


  16. Oh Fanks for dat beeeutiful nature stroll wif doze wonderfu pictures! Just pure eye candy. Purrs,

  17. Those were some great pictures!! It's so nice to see flowers still!!

    Ray, we hope that cranberry helps you!!

  18. Well Raymond, if the cranberries don't help your pee, I've heard they are really fun to whap around the house. I sure hope they do help AND you get to whap them!

    It's cool that you still have a farmers market in your town. Ours shut down for the year and won't open again for awhile.

  19. Wow, what beautiful pictures!

    Sorry to hear about your pH, Raymond - I hope those cranberry supplements do their job! (Do they taste yummy?)

    Honey the Great Dane


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