Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your Tuesday Tonkinese

Hello Friends! Mr December here! Guess what? 
We had some sunny-sun today! It felt SO good on my furs. 

Ah! You really have to work to soak up this Winter-time sun because it doesn't last very long. The days are so short!

Did you wonder why I called myself "Mr December"? Well, it's because I am on the December page of the 2011 Cat Blogosphere Calendar! You can order the calendar by clicking HERE ! All the proceeds benefit our friends in need, through the Cat Blogosphere. 

The Zoolatry girls did a wonderful job putting the calendar together!

Have a terrific Tuesday friends! We hope you have some sunny-sun at your house today too. xoxo, Busby aka Mr December


  1. Hello Mr December , you look so comfy in the cool couch. Love the pattern...Nice !

  2. That is an amazing calendar! So many of my friends are in it! I looked at December and I saw you immediately, Busby!

  3. You're definitely a model, Busby! The calendar is awesome!

  4. Hurrah for sunshine! We hope you get more today!

    We've ordered our calendar, can't wait till it arrives!

  5. love that cool leopard chair you have!

    We ordered two of the calendars yesterday!

    Woooo hoooo!

  6. Hi Mr. December :-) We've ordered our calendar and look forward to its arrival!

  7. Hello fellow Christmas kitties! That sunpuddle sure looks great...even if it didn't last long enough. We ordered our calendar too!!!

  8. Concats, Bus, aka Mr. December!!!!!!!!

    We are far enough south that we still have lotza sunshine, so come on down and enjoy the sun with us!!!!!! You can bring Ray also!!!!!!!!!


  9. Oh! I love the picture of you on that cool leopard chair!


  10. *sigh*
    YOU are Mr.December!

  11. That sun sure looks good on you, Mr. December! We ordered our calendar yesterday and we can't wait to get it to see you!!

  12. We ordered our calendar already!! We can't wait to see Mr December. Allie is on the December page too!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  13. Busby, you do look so comfy in that glorious sunshine!! We have not seen much of the sun here.
    We have not seen much of Mom either!! Busy all weekend and some office party last night!!!!!
    WE bet your Moms treat you better ;)
    Oh, if you have any extra sun...send it over here,heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  14. We had sun today too. Mum said she melted down her credit card so we have to wait a few days before we order our calendar. But we did see our pictures, just can't remember which months!

  15. We must order the calendar now! Jonesie has some of her flowers in the calendar and we are in there, but I don't know what month I'm in yet.

  16. Yow! Concats, Mr December! We'll have to get with it and order our calendar. Enjoy your sun, however fleeting :)

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  17. You look so happy in your sunpuddle... I haven't seen any of those in a couple of days now *pout*

  18. Beautiful photos, Busby!

    We have ordered our CB calendars!

    The Chans

  19. Whoa...you are lookin' good, Busby. I think the girlcats will all be turning to the December page to check you out!


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