Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Hi friends! We're thankful today that we had just enough sun to nap in together. It's supposed to SNOW here (we live at sea level) for the first time in 30 years this coming Friday and Saturday! 

We're thankful that we live near the beautiful Monterey Bay.

We're thankful that our blog Mom's MRI and fluoroscopy went well yesterday and she is hopefully going to be back to her goofy self soon! (um, Mom, that's my tail-NOT a toy!)

We're thankful for all of our friends and for your purrs and good wishes yesterday. Thank you from all of us here in the little house by the sea. 

xoxo, Raymond, Busby and our two Moms


  1. BOL...they said snow here to in So. Cal at 1000 feet..nutty!
    Benny & Lily

  2. How crazy that you will be getting snow!

  3. Your tail is really long !!!! and I'm happy everything went well for your mom : ) One more thing, Just let you know again, I nominated you for AWESOME BLOG AWARD, Please pick up the badge from my blog : )


  4. I must confess that I have played with Binga's tail on occasion - although I have never done THAT with it! I cannot believe it is scheduled to snow in your town! We may get some rain down here, but so far, no snow in the lowerlands of SoCal.

  5. We are so pleased yoor mom is OK ~ sorry we're late visitng but mom was busy yesterday. Make sure yoo take care of yoor mom. Purrs.

    Monteray Bay is beautiful! We can't believe yoo are going to get snow!!!

  6. We're glad the MRI went well and will continue to purr for your mom until she's 100% again! "Goofy" is good! :-)

  7. Hey kittehs! Stop by our blog and pick up your award!

  8. Snow in Capitola?? Mother Nature is really confused!!!

  9. we soooo wish we could be excited about snow like you are but we totally understand why you are excited! Having no snow for 30 years and then having some IS exciting!!

  10. We hope your Mom feels better. Daddy found out he has a two week reprieve from possible surgery on his rotator cuff. If he improves even 1% they will not do surgery, but if he doesn't get any better then they will have to do the surgery to repair his tendon.


  11. Hee hee! Your blog Mom is about as crazy as ours! Glad things look good for her elbow. Oh, we are soooo excited about the snow! We hope we get lots here :) (our mom wants a snow day from work, mol!)

    Pip, Smidge, Minnie, and Hollie

  12. We got some snowflakes today but they are mostly gone now.

    Your mom is making us easy to confuse the two!

  13. Oh! Oh! Oh! We are supposed to get some SNOW too! My Human remembers the snow in 1976, but she's old as dirt.

    We're glad things went well for your blog mom. Whew! I was afraid nobody would help you blog or visit!


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