Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Your Tuesday Tonkinese

Hi friends! See the expression on my face?

Excuse me...

We are starting to refer to this as my "Neko Fly face".

Have you seen the Neko fly toy? I thought I just saw it. I am very excited!

Have a good Tuesday friends! And don't forget to keep reading the Mango Minster blog  now that the show has begun! Even though the official contest has closed for entries, there are still some officially sanctioned side contests going on that you can enter. Plus there will be a "reader's choice" poll.  Fun!

xoxo, Busby 


  1. Well, I think I needs me one-a them Neko flies! If it can make a normal kitty look as completely insane as you Busby, then it MUST be worth having!

  2. I'm with Spitz! I'm sending That Woman out to get me one!

    Now where did she putz does car jingly things...

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  3. I get that look on my face when I think of Sardinie.

  4. We love that face!! That means GET ATTA MY WAY!!!!!

  5. Hahahah! Even though we do not have a Neko Fly, I see that expression on Harley's face a lot.

  6. Busby, let me know if your face gets stuck like that...I have the same look with the feather toy!
    xx May Ling

  7. Careful - your eyes get any bigger they might esplode!

  8. the wonderful folks at Neko just sent us one, we got it yesterday! We are going to be showing it on Feb 12!

  9. Now that is a funny face Busby!

  10. Busby, we think you must be addicted to that Neko Fly! We gotta get one!

  11. We have never heard of Neko fly before Busby, but that is a face of amusement we see on you!



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