Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Caturday. 
This is my plan for today. 

Hi friends! We hope you are all enjoying your weekend. This photo is actually from last weekend because in reality it is pouring rain here. Our Moms are getting a bit grumpy about it. Busby and I don't care if it rains, as long as we aren't disturbed by any thunder, we're fine.

Hope you are having a great Saturday! xo, Raymond


  1. I think we are supposed to get your rain this weekend too, Raymond, but you would not have guessed it by how pretty it was today!

  2. Yuck, rain. We have had 2 good spring like days, but we now have some rain coming too.

  3. It looks like our plan too, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. Hi Boys! Happy Caturday! Drop by later because our post today has a Capitola-connection! It's cold and rainy here but I'm napping deeply so I don't mind, and the Human actually loves it--even though she had to be out in it today, which serves her right!

  5. Maybe you got our rain? Today was the first dry day we've had in forever!

  6. Come to my estate! No rain here and total funballs 24x7! Oh yeah!


  7. We hope that rain stops soon...nothing worse than grumpy moms.


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