Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hello friends! I was just taking a little sunbath. Welcome to the Thursday garden stroll. Some exciting things have been happening indoors in our garden. Yep, we have some baby plants growing from seed that we are starting indoors to be transplanted outside when the weather warms up. Let's take a look!

Remember these tomatoes and eggplants that we started? This photo is from March 4th. 

This photo is from today! We have some lovely little tomatoes and eggplants! When they get a bit taller we will transplant them into small yogurt cups and then eventually they will move into our veggie garden outdoors. Don't worry! We know this stuff is not good for cats to eat. It has a cover over it all day so we don't nom on it. 

We also started some gourmet cat grass seeds. This shot was taken on March 5th. 

This photo was taken today! Soon we will be eating gourmet cat greens! We can hardly wait!

Don't forget that Renee's Garden is hosting a Kitty Photo Contest! Click here for details! 

Have a great day friends! Don't forget to check out what the other Feline Gardners are up to. Visit Master Gardener Jonesie and follow the links at the bottom of her post. 

Happy Gardening! xoxo, Raymond


  1. Those grasses look nomolicous, Raymond. The beans veggies look very good, too. We've ordered our grasses so we can take lots of good pictures later!

  2. All of your plants look nomilicious!!!

    Pip, Smidgen, MInnie, and Hollie

  3. Your seedlings are doing really well! I bet your humans can't wait to have hacked-up gourmet cat grass on their floor!

  4. Wow !!! Your green grow so fast !!!
    Raymond, after saw your cat grass, I think my cat grass is the fake one. It doesn't have the big fat leaves at the tip like that !...That's why I never eat it ! Thanks for this post otherwise I didn't know I've been con !

  5. OMC! Gourmet cat grass plants? I'm on my way over!!!!

    (Alfie leaves scorch marks such is his haste on his way to the door!!!!!)

  6. Your mums are so good at gardening! Oh I mean, you two are so good at gardening.

  7. Thanks for telling us about the contest.

    You are doing great at gardening. Your seeds are really doing well.

  8. Look at those seeds! What fantastic gardencats you are!!!

    Purrs, Jonesie

  9. Oh, my Mom lOVES those pictures of fresh baby plants.

  10. Hiya guys~!!! Thanx for showing us the "start" of your this year's graden~!!! And YAY for Cat Grass!

  11. All of your plants look fantastic!

    PS-We gave you an can stop by our blog to pick it up.

  12. very to see them grow
    Benny & Lily

  13. Look at those things growing!

  14. Raymond
    We think you and Busby are right up there with Jonesie being a master gardeners!


  15. Wow! That grass grew fast!! Soon you'll be nomming away!!

  16. See, now THAT stuff looks real tasty! Maybe my Human has to look into this grass-growing deal.

    And maybe we'll do another Not A Garden Tour if she ever does anything interesting. Ha--as if!


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