Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

Oh, hello! *three paw taps* Are you ready to check out our garden today? Let's go!

Our neighbor bought way too many Impatiens, so she gave some to us and we planted them in a shady spot in our back yard. They seemed happy after the rain Tuesday afternoon. 

One of our succulents is blooming. We have no idea what this plant is called but we've had it for years. (even before Busby and I were born!

Check out our catnip! It's doing very well this year. Busby loves fresh nip leaves. Me? Not so much. I like mind dried.

The Rhubarb has taken off! Now we are just trying to keep the snails from nomming on the leaves.

Our flower garden is coming along. These are Blue Ensign Morning Glories. We can't wait to see them bloom! (but it's hard to be patient!)

Our tomato seedlings are all planted in the garden now. We kept two of them and gave the other three away. It's hard to believe this little plant will have juicy red tomatoes on it later this year. 

Here's our "Pot of Gold" Chard. It has raindrops on the leaves 'cause when Mom took these photos the rain had just stopped and the sun had come out. 

Thanks for visiting the garden with us today friends! Don't forget to check out the other Feline Gardeners today. xoxo, Raymond


  1. Your garden looks pawsome. That chard looks very interesting to our Mom....we prefer the nip!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Wow! Your Nip looks pawsome!So does the rest of your garden. me wishes we would get some sun and some heat!

  3. That's a very nice garden, but except for the Nip I don't think any of it is worth a second nibble.

    Are those yellow flowers nommy at all? Cause they look like they might be worth a taste.

  4. ::3 paw taps::

    OMC! Yoor garden is looking awesome. It looks like yoo've been snoopervising a lot of hard werk!

  5. I wish my catnip looked as good as yours! It's still tiny.

  6. Your mom have a green hand ! All are awesome !!!!
    If your mom found the way can get rid off the snail, Please let us know.Mom got the same problems to keep nip away from snails..They bad !!

  7. Wow! Your garden is really coming along there, boys! We 'specially like that nip!!

    We are still having lots of problems commenting on some blogs. We don't understand what is going on except that blogger is being a booger.

  8. Your garden looks terrific! Our mom loves rhubarb, hasn't had any in a garden since she was a child, which was a LONG time ago. Would crushed eggshells around the plant work? We recently read that can work for our hostas, because the slugs don't like to crawl over the broken shells. But you'd have to be eating a lot of eggs to have enough, and you have to keep replacing the ground-up shells, of course. If you find a non-toxic solution to your snail problem, do let us know!

  9. You sure have your garden looking so nice, you've been busy!!!

  10. Your garden is beautiful. Hope you get to roll in the dirt
    Benny & Lily

  11. Mommy was very interested in the chard. We thinks the yellow flowers might be mums, we has some that look similar.

    We are doing a happy dance because we got a little rain. Paws crossed we get some more.

  12. Lovely garden!!! We lives in apartment.... and don´t haver a garden... =(


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