Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hi friends! Yes, we are showing our blogMom the backs of disrespect. She spaced out that Tuesday was our 600th blog post. Way to go Mom. She also announced that she and our NonblogMom are going to be taking a trip and we will not be blogging July 9-17. We hope you don't forget us out there in the blogosphere. Okay, now that we have that off our furry chests, are you ready to stroll in our garden?

We had some warm weather, so we had a few flowers start blooming. This is our Hydrangea. We love the color!

Our Blue Ensign Morning Glory is blooming too. This is a bush-type Morning Glory, so it doesn't need anything to climb on. We think the blue is very pretty. 

Here you can see that our flowers are finally starting to grow bigger. The Cosmos have really taken off in the past week. FINALLY! We had a very cold and wet Spring like so many other parts of the Country. 

This is a Sunflower called Junior. It's just the opposite of last year's Sunflowerzilla! It is only supposed to grow to one or two feet tall. You can see it has a nice bud and will probably bloom while are our Moms are out of town. (ha ha ha! Serves them right for leaving us!)

We want to let you know that we have a page on Facebook. It's HERE. Mom says we can post on Facebook while she is traveling so we can keep in touch with our friends. We hope you will come and "like" us on Facebook.

Thanks for strolling in our garden today friends! 
xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. This is not a good tern of events. I wood invite you over to pawty wile yer moms are away, but it is hotter than the serface of the sun, heer. You wood not like it.

  2. All the going ons!! We love your garden. We enjoyed the stroll. 600 post! Yippity do da
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh, your human has been totally neglectful, letting that pass! But then, MY human doesn't even know my blogoversary because I started off blogging just monthly on another platform and she has lost the date! (Sigh) I will miss you guys while you are gone, but I have already added your FB page to my page's favorites.

  4. We have a hydrangea the same colour!

    Yikes! You're going to miss the arrival of our new little brother!!!!

    We pushed the button on FB!

    The Chans

  5. We love, love the blue of that morning glory! And our mom will go friend you on fb (Lisa Wright Wallace is her name).

  6. PHEW! Fank goodness for FB. We wuz worried for a minute there!
    Yoor garden is looking awesome. I hope sumbuddy is looking after yoor plants while yoor moms are away!

    Love Alfie xx

  7. Your garden blooms are lovely! We used to have morning glories from across the fence, but alas, they seem to have disappeared now.

    We hope your moms have a fabulous holiday...Of course we won't forget you!

    But they'd better bring you back treats and presents!

  8. You will not be forgotten while your moms are on their trip, no fears!

    What a beautiful garden you haf!

  9. We would never forget you!! Hope they have someone arranged to come over and wait on you while they are gone.

    And we are going to tell our grandma about that Junior Sunflower (and the name cracks mom up).

  10. That is one gorgeous garden fur sure!

  11. Own! Gourgeous flowers and cute cats: perfect!

  12. We love seeing all your flowers. But we'll miss you while your moms are gone. We'll catch you on FB!!

  13. 600? Wow! Concatulations!

    You think your Blog Mom is lame? HaH!!! My Human is so lame she does not even have Facebook anymore. Can you believe that??? But don't worry. I will be here waiting for you when you return, my pals!

  14. We never can hold our backs to Teri too long, darn! She/we aren't on FB a lot but we 'liked' you though...thanks for the link!


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