Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy BELATED birthday to US!

By now you may have heard that our MOMs (BOTH of them) FORGOT our birthday was yesterday! Yep, we turned seven yesterday and our BlogMom didn't realize it until she was on her way out the door to go to work. Then she was all "Oh, sorry boys! I'll give you extra treats when I get home this evening." Whatever Mom. 

Anyway, we're posting photos of when we were little kitten boys with our Mom Nell and our brother (who lives in LA now) Leo.

Can you tell which one is Raymond?

Ray was the runt of the litter so he always got the last spot at the milk bar!

That's Busby in the middle, his eyes give him away. 

How lucky are we that we get to spend our lives together? (even if we do live in a home where they forget your birthday...)

Have a great weekend friends! Our Moms are going to be spoiling us all weekend, hee hee! xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. Happy birthday, boys! Your humans had better be spoiling you loads after forgetting your special day!

  2. Happy belated birthday my friends !!! MOL..all good !
    Nothing to worry ! As long as you guys happy and got so many treats, lots of hugs from mommies...That's all it's matter !
    Lots of hugs to you Ray and Busby

  3. Happy Birthday! Sometimes it is even better when the humans forget because when they remember they try to make it up to you with extra noms and goodies.

    I am loving those baby pictures of yourselves.


  4. Happy birthday boys! Your Mom Nell sure had a pawful with you three!

  5. Happy birthday to you both! Your moms had better spoil you after their oversight! :-D

  6. Happy Birthday again!! You two were just the cutest! Enjoy your weekend getting lots of attention!!

    pee ess. your moms have got to slow down so they remember the important your birthday!! ;)

  7. Happiest Birthday you two, special, special, special you are!

  8. Happy Birfday my sweet mancat furends! We hopes you had a great day. (You should make the moms gives you extra treats fur furgetting!)
    Love, TK

  9. We're not sure if we can pick Ray out...hee hee!
    Happy Birthday boys, we think you'll be in for some SUPER DUPER make-up luvvins and snax tonight!
    Also, Mommy just about swooned over your kitteh photos!

  10. We LOVE LOVE LOVE you boyz & I think you is in for some serious treats & spoilage this evening by those two neglectful moms!

    We MOL'd at Katnip's comment about Ray.

    That Woman would have had all those darling kittens in a heartbeat!

    *phew, glad she didn't, there's only room here for ONE Boss*

    Ms. Stella O'Houlgian

  11. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sending lots of hugs and kisses!

    Hope you had lots of treats and catnip!

  12. DUDES! Did you her Tommy blubber and coo when she looked at your itty bitty kitty photos! I even gotta say how lovely little babycats you were--and LOOK at you now!


    PS. As for your moms forgetting *sigh* they ARE humans...

  13. Appalling behaviour by the mums. Demand treats all weekend! And happy birthday :)

  14. Happy birfday beautiful boys ~ we can't believe yoor norty moms forgotted yor birfday! We hope yoo get EXTRA treats ALL weekend. xx

  15. Happy birthday, boys! We sure hope you had a great day. :)

  16. You are welcome to come cellybrate your purrthday with me on Thursday. I will be cellybrating my eighth purrthday.


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