Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday

Hello friends! We have a guest on our blog today. This tuxie girl (or mancat?) is a feral cat that lives by our Grandma's house. There was a litter of kittens born in the alley behind Grandma's a few months ago. Our Non-blog Mom has been trapping the kittens and having them spayed and neutered. They are not very social but some of them are less feral than others. This saucy tuxie is staring into Grandma's front door waiting for our Non-blog Mom to feed them some stinky goodness. 

The Momcat has not been trapped yet, she is pretty smart. Mom is working hard to trap her (and the Tomcat too). This tuxie hasn't been trapped yet either. Do any of you other cat bloggers have any suggestions for delicious foods (other than stinky goodness canned food) to bait the live trap with? 

We sure don't understand why people don't spay and neuter their pets. Duh. 

Have a great Tuxie Tuesday, xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. We Ike stinky fishy food, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. I have heard that veteran TNR trappers will use Kentucky Fried Chicken for the hard cases! I have to say, that would get even me into one of those traps!

  3. We have heard about the KFC thing too....we think we might get in a trap for chick-hen. Good luck and we are glad these kitties are being cared for!

  4. We agree that some human foods can work pretty well!

    Good luck! She's cute!

    The Chans

  5. we toss treats in the carrier, they sometimes go right in to chase it.

    I'm sure vet costs have something to do with the spay/neuter issue. But yes, it should be done and God Bless your mum for forking over the $ for this lot.

  6. Have a great Wednesday!
    Marilia & Bavarescats

  7. Good for your non-blog mom for trapping these cats!! We know we would go into a trap if there was KFC in it!!

  8. This seems a little mean...but what if your non-Blog-Mom did not give the kitties any food for a day or so so they'd get pretty hungry & more likely to go after the food?


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