Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday stroll

Hello friends! I am practicing my frootbats for Friday. Since our garden is pretty boring this time of year, would you like to go on a short stroll around our town instead of our garden? 

We have had very odd weather. Cold, warm, windy, no rain. It's odd. These Irises are confused!

We had a very bad windstorm last week. It knocked down a LOT of trees. Over 100 homes were damaged. (luckily, not ours) The leaves in this photo probably blew about a zillion miles away due to the wind!

Our town gets very quiet this time of year because the tourists don't visit very much in the Winter. Our Moms LOVE it! This is a photo of our beach and the Capitola wharf. Not many people!

Happy Thursday friends, or as Mom has started calling it "Friday eve". (she only started calling it that after she got a JOB!)

xo, Raymond


  1. I bet this is a great time of year for your humans - they have the town all to themselves! In our part of California, the nuts grow all year round - that is what my human says!

  2. It's been so cold here that Jonesie had to send Grete on a garden walkie this week and Grete got so excited about the ducks that she couldn't focus n the plants.

    My mom and dad prefer the beach in the winter too.

  3. Friday likes that one. Your town looks lovely.....

  4. Thanks for stroll, Raymond! We like that beach...or big litterbox as we like to call it!!

  5. your town is very purrty. Bet you can find some good fishy smells at the beach
    Benny & Lily


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